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Dean's Occupational Therapy and Dean's Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) Scholarships for International students

Terms and Conditions 2017/18

1. Scholarship details

As part of Brunel’s celebrations of its 50th anniversary, for September 2016 the College of Health and Life Sciences (CHLS) introduced the ‘Dean’s Occupational Therapy Scholarship & the ‘Dean’s Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) Scholarship for international students. We are happy to continue this scholarship for 2017 entry.

This scholarship is only available to full-time students and will only be paid once for each eligible level of study, subject to meeting progression requirements.

Value: £3000 fee waiver per academic year

How many: An unlimited number of scholarships are available for September 2017 entry

Application process: Apply for the Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy course in the usual way, via UCAS or via the Brunel online application portal.

Additionally applicants must complete a 500 word essay explaining why they would be an excellent ambassador for both Brunel and their chosen profession. Applicants should send their essay to the Admissions Tutor by email within 10 days of being invited to apply for the scholarship.

2. Eligibility

To be eligible for a Dean’s Scholarship an applicant must:

  • Apply for and fulfill the entry criteria for admission to the following courses:

BSc Occupational Therapy
MSc Occupational Therapy (pre-registration)
BSc Physiotherapy 
MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration)

  • Be in receipt of an offer to study on one of the above programmes starting in September 2017
  • Have been assessed by Brunel University London as an international student for tuition fee purposes

3. Allocation

All applications will be reviewed by the Admissions Tutor for the course. Successful applicants for the scholarship will need to present a well written case that in the Admissions Tutor’s professional judgement contains appropriate and valid arguments.

The decision of the Admissions Tutor is final. The University will not accept any appeals in respect of the decisions made by the Admissions Tutor.

4. Conditions of Payment

  • Only one scholarship can be paid to any one student in any one year. If an applicant applies for and is awarded one of Brunel's International Scholarships they cannot be awarded the Dean's Occupational Therapy Scholarship or the Dean's Physiotherapy Scholarship.  
  • Scholarships are awarded for the academic year 2017/18 only and cannot be deferred. Applicants who intend to defer their studies must re-apply for a scholarship in the year they will begin their studies.
  • Fee waivers will only apply to students who have enrolled at the University on the Occupational Therapy (pre-registration) or Physiotherapy (pre-registration) programmes.
  • If you are awarded this scholarship you will have the opportunity to represent the physiotherapy/occupational therapy programme as an ambassador. This would primarily involve taking up opportunities to share your experiences of the professional education at Brunel with potential applicants to the programme.
  • The scholarship will be awarded each academic year, provided the student progresses to the next level of study, three years for the BSc programme and two years for the MSc programme. Scholarship payments will not be made during a repeating year.
  • Where a scholarship spans more than one year, students will be written to in September to confirm ongoing eligibility to receive their scholarship award.
  • The student agrees to abide by the University Code of Conduct.
  • The student has no debts with Brunel University London

5. Withdrawal of scholarship

  • The University reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship from anyone who is found to have misled the University about any aspect of their eligibility and to seek repayment of any monies already paid by appropriate means.
  • If a student transfers to a course of study outside the Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy programme, the scholarship will be withdrawn.
  • Fee waivers are applied at the start of the academic year as part/all of a scholarship entitlement and will not normally be amended once the fee waiver has been processed. Any tuition fee liability remaining after fee waivers are applied would therefore be calculated in accordance with The Student Financial Policy
  • In the case of withdrawal or abeyance the tuition fee and the fee waiver are calculated in accordance with The Student Financial Policy.
  • Periods of temporary withdrawal that result in repeat or extended periods of study are not supported by additional scholarship payments. Scholarship entitlement is for the maximum duration of each award and entitlement is not extended if overall course duration alters.
  • Should a student be suspended for any reason, any scholarship payments would be withdrawn and consideration of reinstatement will be dependent on the disciplinary outcome.
  • Students who commence their studies and alter a course that involves starting again at level 1 will not normally be eligible for scholarship consideration against the new course.

If you have any questions or queries please email scholarships@brunel.ac.uk

Updated 9 March 2017.