• CIPL @ the British Institute of International & Comparative Law - " International Terrorism and Human Rights" Seminar. On 15 December 2005, Dr George Letsas chaired a seminar hosted by BIICL in Central London featuring presentations from Prof Javaid Rehman, on 'Changing Rules of the Game: International Law, War on Terrorism, Human Rights Law - After the July Bombings'; Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos on "The Return of Judicial Torture: A Criminal Justice Perspective" and Dr Alexandra Xanthaki on "Minorities, Multiculturalism and Terrorism". This seminar was shared first hand with our students on the 1 November, during the Human Rights class. Staff also attended this informative event and many interesting discussions ensued. The students felt very privileged indeed to hear first hand the views of members of staff actively engaged in research in this area. 
  • Prof Serguei Semionov visits Brunel Law. The School was delighted with the visit of Prof Serguei Semionov, Prof of History at the Samara Branch of Moscow City Pedagogical University during the month of October. Prof Semionov lectures in European Constitutional Law History and the Modern European History at his home institution. He was undertaking research at Brunel in British political and parliamentary history (late XVIII century and the early British radicalism). He is best known for his work on “Political views of the English radicals of the XVIII century” and many articles on this subject. He is currently preparing the biography of John Wilkes, one of the leaders and symbols of the radical movement in the XVIII century. In addition, Prof Semionov studied the methods of education used at Brunel University and in English higher education.

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