Research Assessment Exercise 2008

Brunel Law School has achieved excellent results in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). These results once again confirm Brunel Law School’s status as one of the UK’s leading research intensive law schools.

The official RAE results published on 18 December 2008 rated 90% of our research as being of international quality, and 50% of our research is rated as either world-leading or internationally excellent (in terms of originality, significance and rigour). Brunel Law School submitted 100% of its academic staff for the 2008 RAE, and we have (as in the 2001 RAE) continued to demonstrate that all our staff are excellent scholars and that every one of them produces work of a very high quality. No part of our RAE submission was rated as being of sub-national standard.

The RAE explained

The RAE is an evaluation of the quality of original research in UK higher education institutions. The evaluation is conducted periodically by the UK funding councils for higher education. The 2008 exercise is the sixth in the series. It is up to each institution to decide the proportion (if any) of its staff that it wishes to submit for assessment.

See the highlights of Brunel Law School’s 2008 RAE results:
Results by units of assessment

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