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Law Lecturer - Convenor of CPE

Dr Gerard Conway
Elliott Jaques Room 063
Brunel University London
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1895 267492
Fax: +44 (0)1895 269875

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Dr. Gerard Conway delivers invited seminar to a Master's class on Comparative Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law, Uppsala University - 21 Feb 2013

Dr. Gerard Conway delivered an invited seminar on 7th February 2013 to the students on a Master's-level course in Comparative Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law, Uppsala University, Sweden. The seminar was on the topic of his recent book, The Limits of Legal Reasoning and the European Court of

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Research visit to Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Freiburg, Germany - 12 Jan 2012

Dr. Gerard Conway spent a period of 10 days December 2011 as a visiting researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Freiburg, Germany, researching European criminal law and the proposed EU European Investigation Order



BA - Law and European Studies (Limerick)
BL - Barrister-at-Law (King's Inns)
M.Juris - Master of International and Comparative Law (Uppsala)
PhD (Brunel)
PGCertLTHE (Brunel)

Student Support

Professional Liaison Tutor/SLS Rep and Library Rep
Convenor, CPE Examinations
Convenor, CPE

Teaching and Research


English Legal Institutions and Method
Land Law
Public Law
Comparative Criminal Justice

Research Interests

European constitutional law (European Union and comparative), especially the role and legal reasoning of the European Court of Justice;
European criminal law
Legal theory
Public international law

Research Areas

Criminal justice
Criminal law
European Union law
Human rights
Public international law
Public law

Research Groups

CIPL Centre for International and Public Law
CJRC Criminal Justice Research Centre

PhD Supervision

EU constitutional law
legal theory
European criminal law
International law
Public law

External Activities

External Activities

Link to full text of papers on Social Science Research Network:

From 2007-2010, I held a Lectureship in Public Law sponsored by the City Solicitors' Educational Trust.

I have held a number of visiting positions, most recently as a visiting lecturer on the LL.M program at the University of Buckingham, as leader for the course Systems Analysis in International Law (in 2009), and as a visiting researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal law, Freiburg, Germany (2011)

I am contact point for Ireland for the European Criminal Law Academic Network (ECLAN)

I have acted as a reviewer publishers in the areas of EU law (for Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Routledge-Cavendish and Sweet & Maxwell), Criminal Law (for Cambridge University Press), Public Law (for Oxford University Press and Pearson-Longman), Public International Law (for Routledge-Cavendish), Jurisprudence (for Palgrave and Routledge-Cavendish), and Land Law (for Pearson-Longman) and am currently a member of the editorial board of the New Journal of European Criminal Law.

I previously worked as a Lecturer in Law (teaching EU Law, Public Law, and Jurisprudence) at the School of Law of Leeds Metropolitan University, for the academic year 2006-2007, and as a Tutor in Law (in the subjects Jurisprudence and Public Law) at the School of Law of Queen’s University Belfast, for the academic year 2005-2006.

My PhD research, which I commenced at Queen's University Belfast and completed at Brunel University, was supported by a fees scholarship from the Department of Education & Learning of Northern Ireland (2005-2008) and by a Modern Law Review Doctoral Scholarship (2006-2008).

During 2005-2006, I worked as one of a group of researchers under Prof. Tom Hadden of the School of Law of Queen’s University Belfast on a research contract with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, on the topic of minority representation in the criminal justice sector.

Research based on work for my Master’s degree was published in a number of journals, including the European Journal of International Law and the International Criminal Law Review.

From 2001-2005, I worked in the Irish civil service in legal research positions: as a legal trainee in the Legal Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs (six months), as a judicial researcher in the Judges’ Library (seven months), and as a legal researcher in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (for nearly three years).


Journal Papers

(2013)  Conway, G. , Holding to Account a Possible European Public Prosecutor: SuprantionalAccountability Across Diverse Legal Traditions, Criminal Law Forum: official journal of the Society for the Reform of Criminal Law 24 (3)  : 371- 401 Download publication

(2011)  Conway, G. , Recovering a Separation of Powers in the European Union, European Law Journal 17 (3)  : 304- 322

(2010)  Conway, G. , Conflicts of competence norms in EU law and the legal reasoning of the ECJ, German Law Journal 11 (9)  : 966- 1005 Download publication

(2008)  Conway, G. , Levels of generality in the legal reasoning of the European Court of Justice, European Law Journal 14 (6)  : 787- 805

(2007)  Conway, G. , The Council of Europe as a normative backdrop to potential European integration in the sphere of criminal law, Denning Law Journal 19 123- 248

(2005)  Conway, G. , Judicial interpretation and the Third Pillar: Ireland's acceptance of the European arrest warrant and the Gözütok and Brügge case, European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice 13 (2)  : 255- 283

(2003)  Conway, G. , Fitness to plead in light of the Criminal Law (Insanity) Bill 2002, Irish Criminal Law Journal 13 (4)  : 2- 13

(2003)  Conway, G. , Ne bis in idem and the International Criminal Tribunals, Criminal Law Forum 14 (4)  : 351- 383

(2003)  Conway, G. , Ne bis in idem in international law, International Criminal Law Review 3 (3)  : 217- 244

(2002)  Conway, G. , Breaches of EC law and the international responsibility of member states, European Journal of International Law 13 (3)  : 679- 695

Conference Papers

(2014)  Conway, G. , Democracy, Juridification and the Crisis in the Eurozone: Lessons for Future EU Governance, In Search of European Political Union, University of Utrecht, Netherlands, 19-21 June

(2013)  Conway, G. , Principles Driven versus Rule-bound Interpretation: A Normative Assessment, Jurisprudence Section, Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland, 03-06 Sep 2013

(2013)  Conway, G. , Juridification of Economic Governance in the EU, ATINER International Conference on Law, Athens, Greece, 16-19 Sep 2012

(2013)  Conway, G. , The Role of the European Court of Justice in Economic Governance in the EU, European Union Studies Assocation Biennial Conference, Baltimore, USA, 09-11 May 2013

(2012)  Conway, G. , Prospects and Problems for European Legal Cooperation In Improving Prison Conditions, Jesuit Scribani Conference on Re-Imagining Imprisonment in Europe, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, 05-07 Sep 2012

(2011)  Conway, G. , Differentiated integration in criminal and security matters in the EU, European Consortium for Political Research Joint Session, University of Saint Gallen, Switzerland, 12-16 April 2011

(2010)  Conway, G. , Locating competence in EU Law and the Legal reasoning of the European Court of Justice in the context of the law-politics distinction, 5th European Consortium for Political Research Pan-European Conference on EU Politics, University of Oporto, Portugal, 24-26 June 2010

(2010)  Conway, G. , The scope of competence norms under the AFSJ and CFSP post-Lisbon, 4th Annual Research Conference of EUCE on the EU's Lisbon Treaty: Negotiation, Ratification and Implementation, University of Dalhousie, Canada, 06-08 June 2010

(2009)  Conway, G. , Holding to account a possible European public prosecutor: Supranational accountability across diverse legal traditions, Conference on Police Governance and Accountability: Challenges and Outlook, University of Limerick, Ireland, 03-04 December 2009

(2009)  Conway, G. , Identifying the role of policy in the legal reasoning of the European Court of Justice, 5th European Consortium for Political Research General Conference, Potsdam, Germany, 10-12 Sep 2009

(2008)  Conway, G. , Invited Paper: Levels of generality in the legal reasoning of the European Court of Justice, University of Oxford EC Law Discussion Group, 12 Nov 2008

Book Chapters

(2014)  Conway, G. , Article 20 Ne Bis in Idem. In: Klamberg, M.  ed. Commentary on the Law of the International Criminal Court. Brussels & Oslo : Case Matrix Network

(2014)  Conway, G. , Articles 68-71 and 82-86 TFEU. In: Centre for International Legal Studies.  ed. Smit & Herzog on the Law of the European Union. London : Lexis-Nexis

(2009)  Conway, G. , Irish practice on mutual recognition of European Union criminal law. In: Tiggelen, GV. , Surano, L.  and Weyembergh, A.  eds. The Future of Mutual Recognition in Criminal Matters in the European Union. Editions de l’Université de Bruxelles 283- 308


(2012)  Conway, G. , The Limits of Legal Reasoning and the European Court of Justice. Cambridge University Press

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