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Reader - Director of Research

Dr Alexandra Xanthaki
Elliott Jaques Room 009b
Brunel University London
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1895 266240
Fax: +44 (0)1895 269875

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Alexandra Xanthaki's work cited in United Nations Study on Indigenous Peoples' Access to Justice - 11 Sep 2013

Two publications by Alexandra Xanthaki have been cited in the 2013 United Nations Study on Administration of Justice and Indigenous Peoples (A/HRC/EMRIP/2013/2). It is the second time that a UN Study cites Alexandra's work (A/HRC/EMRIP/2012/3). Both citations are proof of the impact of Alexandra's work beyond the academia.

Dr Alexandra Xanthaki invited by Kuala Lumpur Bar - 21 Feb 2013

'International law can assist the Orang Asli to regain their land rights' said Dr Xanthaki in her talk delivered to Malaysian lawyers in December 2012. Dr Xanthaki was invited by the Kuala Lumpur Bar to discuss indigenous land rights in Malaysia and ways forward.

BrUNel Expert Seminar on Indigenous Languages and Cultures a big success - 23 Mar 2012

Brunel Law School and its Human Rights Centre were honoured to host the Expert Seminar on Indigenous Cultures and Languages, co-organised with the United Nations on the 8th-9th March 2012. United Nations civil servants, academics, NGO activists and indigenous leaders from Mexico, Burundi, Kenya attended.

Indigenous Peoples’ Languages and Cultures - 08 Feb 2012

The Expert Seminar is organised by Brunel Law School under the auspices of the Human Rights Research Centre, in collaboration with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights, in Uxbridge, UK on March 8-9, 2012.

Human Rights Centre inaugural seminar - 05 Jan 2012

On Tuesday 13th December the Human Rights Centre held its inaugural seminar at Brunel Law School. The seminar, which provided a whistle stop tour through of some of today’s most controversial and pressing human rights issues, was chaired by Dr Alexandra Xanthaki. Speakers included Professor Javaid Rehman, Nadine El-Enany



LLB (Athens)
PhD (Keele)
Barrister (Athens)

Alexandra is a Reader in Law. A minority and indigenous expert, Alexandra’s work has focused on indigenous rights and, more recently, on the concept of multiculturalism in international law. Among her several publications, her monograph Indigenous Rights and United Nations Standards: Self-determination, Culture and Land (Cambridge University Press, 2007) has been called an ‘impressive book’ (MLR) which has ‘a thoughtful, authoritative and elegantly written analysis’ (AJIL), is ‘extremely well-argued’ (EJIL) and makes ‘an important contribution’ (ICLQ); and is now considered one of the reference books on indigenous rights. Her 2011 co-edited collection on 'Reflections on the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples' (with Stephen Allen) has also been received very positively. She has given keynote speeches on indigenous rights and aspects of multiculturalism in international law. She is currently an elected member of the ILA - Indigenous Rights Committee. In addition to her academic research, Alexandra enjoys links with NGOs and IGOs: she is a member of the Legal Cases Advisory Committee of Minority Rights Group International and has co-operated in the past with the former UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Issues and the ILO on indigenous issues.

During 2008-2011, Alexandra was Deputy Head of Brunel Law School responsible for Teaching and Learning and students' experience. During 2011-2012, she has been granted research leave by the university and is working on a monograph on multiculturalism and human rights standards.

Student Support

As the Director of Research, I am responsible for the strategic direction of the School in relation to staff research activity and research student matters.

Teaching and Research


International Human Rights
International Minority Rights

Research Interests

Minority and Indigenous Rights
International Human Rights
Public International Law
Aspects of European Law

Research Areas

Discrimination law
Human rights
Public international law

Research Groups

CIPL Centre for International and Public Law
HRC Human Rights Centre

PhD Supervision

Dr Alexandra Xanthaki would be happy to supervise PhD candidates who wish to work on human rights and the United Nations system. These would include:
indigenous rights
minority rights in the United Nations
sub-national groups and their claims in international law
collective rights
cultural rights
and multiculturalism in international law

External Activities

External Activities

Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal on Group and Minority Rights
Member of the Legal Cases Advisory Committee of Minority Rights Group
Member of the Human Rights Consortium of the School of Advanced Studies, University of London
Visiting Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies- University of London
Member of the ILA Committee- Indigenous Rights



Journal Papers

(2010) Xanthaki, A., Guest editorial: Special issue of the International Journal on Minority and Group Rights, International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 17 (3) : 391- 392

(2010) Xanthaki, A., Multiculturalism and international law: Discussing universal standards, Human Rights Quarterly 32 (1) : 21- 48 Download publication

(2009) Xanthaki, A. and O'Sullivan, D., Indigenous participation in elective bodies: the Maori in New Zealand, International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 16 (2) : 181- 207

(2009) Xanthaki, A., Indigenous rights in international law over the last 10 years and future developments, Melbourne Journal of International Law 10 (1) : 3

(2005) Xanthaki, A., Hope dies last: An EU directive on Roma integration, European Public Law 11 (4) : 515- 526 Download publication

(2004) Xanthaki, A., Indigenous rights in the Russian Federation: the rights case of numerically small peoples of the Russian North, Siberia and Far East, Human Rights Quarterly 26 (1) : 74- 105

(2003) Xanthaki, A., Land rights of indigenous peoples in South-East Asia, Melbourne Journal of International Law 4 (2) : 467- 496 Download publication

(2000) Xanthaki, A., Cultural rights of indigenous peoples, European Journal of Law Reform 2 (3) : 343- 367 Download publication

Book Chapters

(2011) Xanthaki, A., The UN Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples and collective rights: What's the future for indigenous women. In: Allen, S. and Xanthaki, A. eds. Reflections on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Oxford : Hart Publishing (30) : 413- 432

(2010) Xanthaki, A., Minority and indigenous rights in UN treaty bodies practice (2005–2009): multicultural challenges. In: European Yearbook of Minority Issues. Brill Academic Publishers (7)

(2008) Xanthaki, A., The establishment of a European criminal record: human rights considerations. In: Stefanou, C. and Xanthaki, H. eds. Towards a European Criminal Record. Cambridge University Press 79- 104

(2007) Xanthaki, A., Multiculturalism and extremism: international law perspectives. In: Rehman, J. and Breau, SC. eds. Religion, Human Rights and International Law. Dordrecht : Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

(2005) Xanthaki, A., Balancing human rights and the rehabilitation of ex-offenders. In: Stefanou, C. and Xanthaki, H. eds. National criminal records and organised crime. Kluwer Download publication

(2005) Xanthaki, A., The right to self-determination: meaning and scope. In: Ghanea, N. and Xanthaki, A. eds. Minorities, peoples and self-determination: essays in honour of Patrick Thornberry. Dordrecht : Martinus Nijhoff Publishers 15- 33


(2011) Allen, S. and Xanthaki, A., Reflections on the UN declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples. Hart Publishers

(2007) Xanthaki, A., Indigenous rights and United Nations standards: self-determination, culture, land. Cambridge University Press

(2004) Ghanea, N. and Xanthaki, A., Minorities, peoples and self-determination: essays in honour of Patrick Thornberry. Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

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