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Elliott Jaques Room 009c
Brunel University London
United Kingdom
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Email: felicity.kaganas@brunel.ac.uk

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Felicity Kaganas and Christine Piper have contributed to a new collection on Vulnerabilities, Care and Family Law - 09 Dec 2013

This book, edited by Julie Wallbank and Jonathan Herring, reflects the recognition that the family is a site of vulnerabilities where care work can be unacknowledged. In this context Christine Piper discusses parents who are vulnerable in mediation and Felicity Kaganas focuses on child protection.

‘Law and Michael Freeman’ Colloquium - 12 Jul 2013

Felicity Kaganas and Christine Piper attended this event at UCL on July 1st and 2nd to honour Professor Freeman’s distinguished academic career. They presented a paper entitled ‘Michael Freeman and the rights and wrongs of resolving private law disputes’. A conference publication is planned.

Felicity Kaganas was invited to present a paper at Sussex University - 12 Oct 2012

Felicity Kaganas was invited to present a paper at Sussex University in October 2012. The two day seminar, ‘Celebrating twenty-one years of the Children Act’, was sponsored by the Modern Law Review and was attended by eminent academics and judges. Felicity Kaganas’ paper was entitled ‘Shared Parenting: A ‘Keep Out

Christine Piper and Felicity Kaganas attended a seminar at Oxford University - 07 Sep 2012

Christine Piper and Felicity Kaganas attended a seminar at Oxford University in September 2012 where they both presented papers. Christine Piper’s paper was entitled ‘Mediation and Vulnerable Parents’. Felicity Kaganas’ paper was entitled ‘Child Protection and the Modernised Family Justice System’. Both papers will be included as chapters in an



BA (University of Witwatersrand, SA), 1976
LLB (1st Class) (University of Witwatersrand, SA), 1978
Attorney of the Supreme Court of South Africa (1980)
LLM (London), 1984

Felicity Kaganas’ teaching and research interests are in the fields of family and child law as well as feminist theory. She is co-author (with A Diduck) of Family Law, Gender and the State (2nd ed) Hart Publishing. She is a member of the Interdisciplinary Child and Youth Focused Research Centre at Brunel University. Currently she is involved in the Feminist Judgments Project funded by the ESRC.

Student Support

Deputy Head of School (Programmes)

Teaching and Research


Family Law
Intellectual Property Law

Research Interests

Family Law
Child Law
Feminist Theory

Research Areas

Family and child law
Gender and the law
Privacy and data protection
Socio-legal studies

Research Groups

CJRC Criminal Justice Research Centre
FLRG Family Law Research Group
HRC Human Rights Centre

PhD Supervision

Ms Felicity Kaganas will welcome supervison in Feminist theory, children and the law, the law and policy concerning child abuse and child protection, and family law, particularly contact disputes and domestic violence.


Journal Papers

(2013)  Kaganas, FR. , A Presumption that ‘Involvement’ of Both Parents is Best: Deciphering Law’s Messages, Child and Family Law Quarterly 25 (3)  : 270- 293 Download publication

(2011)  Kaganas, FR. , Regulating Emotion: Judging Contact Disputes, Child and Family Law Quarterly 23 63- 93 Download publication

(2010)  Kaganas, F. , When it comes to contact disputes, what are family courts for?, Current Legal Problems 63 (1)  : 235- 271 Download publication

(2007)  Kaganas, F. , Grandparents' rights and grandparents' campaigns, Child and Family Law Quarterly 19 (1)  : 17- 41

(2004)  Kaganas, F.  and Diduck, A. , Incomplete citizens: Changing images of post-separation children, Modern Law Review 67 (6)  : 959- 981 Download publication

(2004)  Kaganas, F.  and Day-Sclater, S. , Contact disputes: Narrative constructions of 'good' parents, Feminist Legal Studies 12 (1)  : 1- 27 Download publication

(2002)  Kaganas, F.  and Piper, C. , Shared parenting: A 70% solution, Child and Family Law Quarterly 14 (4)  : 365- 379 Download publication

(2001)  Kaganas, F.  and Piper, C. , Grandparents and contact: 'Rights v welfare' revisited, International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family 15 (2)  : 250- 275 Download publication

Book Chapters

(2014)  Kaganas, FR. , Child Protection and the Modernised Family Justice System. In: Wallbank, J.  and Herring, J.  eds. Vulnerabilities, Care and Family Law. Oxford : Routledge 138- 166

(2010)  Kaganas, F.  and Piper, CD. , Re L (A child) (Contact: Domestic violence). In: Hunter, R. , McGlynn, C.  and Rackley, E.  eds. Feminist Judgments: From Theory to Practice. Oxford : Hart Publishing 120- 133 Download publication

(2009)  Kaganas, F. , Child protection, gender and rights. In: Wallbank, J. , Choudhry, S.  and Herring, J.  eds. Rights, Gender and Family Law. Oxford : Routledge-Cavendish 43- 69 Download publication

(2006)  Kaganas, F. , Domestic violence, men's groups and the equivalence argument. In: Diduck, A.  and O'Donovan, K.  eds. Feminist Perspectives on Family Law. Oxon, UK : Routledge-Cavendish 139- 164

(2003)  Day-Sclater, S.  and Kaganas, F. , Contact: Mothers, welfare and rights. In: Bainham, A. , Lindley, B. , Richards, M.  and Trinder, L.  eds. Children and their Families. UK : Hart Publishing 155- 170

(2002)  Kaganas, F. , Domestic homicide, gender and the expert. In: Richards, M. , Day-Sclater, S.  and Bainham, A.  eds. Body Lore and Laws: Essays on Law and the Human Body. UK : Hart Publishing 105- 126 Download publication


(2012)  Diduck, A.  and Kaganas, F. , Family Law, Gender and the State. Hart Publishing

(2003)  Day-Sclater, S. , Cook, R.  and Kaganas, F. , Surrogate motherhood: International perspectives. Hart Publishing

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