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Dr Susan Easton
Elliott Jaques Room 114
Brunel University London
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1895 266242
Fax: +44 (0)1895 269875

Related News

Susan Easton publishes new book on Silence and Confessions - 04 Nov 2014

In Silence and Confessions: The Suspect as the Source of Evidence, published by Palgrave Macmillan in October 2014, Susan Easton examines the treatment of suspects in interrogation and explores issues surrounding the right to silence and the challenges in obtaining reliable confession evidence.

Debate on Prisoner Voting Rights - 18 Feb 2014

Susan Easton participated in a debate at King’s College on Prisoner Voting Rights: the meaning and consequences of defying Strasbourg in Parliament. Her co-panelists were Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, the former President of the Supreme Court and Dr. Michael Pinto-Duschinsky, a member of the UK Commission on a Bill

Susan Easton discusses prisoners' rights in The Prison Journal - 22 Nov 2013

Susan Easton’s article on the impact of international human rights law on the treatment of prisoners in the UK is published in the December issue of the American periodical, The Prison Journal. Her work on prisoners’ rights is also discussed in the November issue of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Susan Easton discusses Supreme Court decision on BBC radio - 22 Nov 2013

Susan Easton in an interview for BBC Radio discusses the implications of the Supreme Court’s judgment in the cases of Chester and McGeoch.

Susan Easton participates in a round-table discussion at the Palace of Westminster on the Draft Voting Eligibility (Prisoners) Bill - 12 Jul 2013

Susan Easton was invited by the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Draft Voting Eligibility (Prisoners) Bill to attend an informal Round Table discussion in June 2013 to discuss issues raised by the Bill and possible changes to the law on prisoners' voting rights.



B.Sc. (Econ) University of Wales
LL.M. University of London
Bar Examination, Inns of Court School of Law
PG Dip. Law, City University
Ph.D. University of Southampton

Susan Easton has taught and published in both sociology and law and has previously lectured at Sussex and Sheffield University and taught in UK prisons. She is the author of several books, chapters in edited collections and journal articles, editor of the International Journal of Discrimination and the Law and a barrister. She is currently researching in the areas of prisoners’ rights and the experience of imprisonment and is the Director of the Law School’s Criminal Justice Research Centre.

Student Support

I am the Senior Tutor for Law and responsible for undergraduate student welfare issues and am assisted by Dr. Rossana Deplano.

Teaching and Research


Sentencing and Penology

Research Interests

Penology and prisoners’ rights
Criminal justice process and criminal evidence
Free speech and hate speech

Research Areas

Criminal justice
Discrimination law
Gender and the law
Socio-legal studies

Research Groups

CJRC Criminal Justice Research Centre

PhD Supervision

Dr Susan Easton has supervised Ph.D. students on penology including the death penalty and issues in imprisonment. She welcomes applicants in the areas of punishment and penology, criminal evidence and criminal justice process and feminist theory and practice.

External Activities

External Activities

Barrister, Inner Temple

Member of Society of Legal Scholars, Socio-Legal Studies Association  and the

Association of Lawyers for Animal Welfare

Editorship and related activities

Editor, International Journal of Discrimination and the Law, Sage Journals.

Reviewer of papers for journals including the Journal of African Law, Criminology and Public Policy, Feminist Legal Studies, Journal of Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry, Legal Studies, Journal of Law and Society, Punishment and Society and Res Publica.

Reviewer of book proposals for publishers including Sweet and Maxwell, Palgrave/Macmillan, Routledge and Oxford University Press.

Broadcast media

Interview BBC radio on the implications of Supreme Court’s decision in the cases of Chesterand McGeoch, October 16, 2013.

Interview -  LBC radio on transgender prisoners (April 2013).

Interviews - LBC Radio and Russian Radio on prisoners’ voting rights 24 October 2012

Panellist in debate on prisoners’ right to vote, LBC Radio, 27 May 2012.

Interviews Channel Four News online on prisoners’ voting rights 2012;

‘Opposition to prisoner voting rights’, Comment, Guardian online (10 February 2011).

Interview, The release of the Lockerbie Bomber, Christian Science Monitor 20 August 2009.

Responses to proposed legislation

Response to proposed legislation in Draft Bill Voting Eligibility (Prisoners) Bill,

June 2013.

Response to Consultation Paper, Breaking the Cycle (March 2011) pp 1 – 3.

Response to the Second Consultation Paper, Voting Rights of Convicted Prisoners Detained in the UK, Ministry of Justice, (September 2009) pp 1-6.

Response to the Consultation Paper, Voting Rights of Convicted Prisoners Detained in the UK, Department for Constitutional Affairs (March 2007) pp 1-3.

Response to the Proposals in Making Sentencing Clearer, Home Office 2006, (January 2007) with C. Piper, pp 1-4.

Conference Papers and Presentations

Invited participant/discussant, Round Table informal meeting of Joint Parliamentary Committee reviewing the Draft Voting Eligibility (Prisoners) Bill, Palace of Westminster, June 2013.

‘Fixed penalties and careless driving: not a simplematter’Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference, Sentencing stream, University of York, March 2013 with C Piper.

Discussant, Seminar on Democracy and Citizenship, University of Sheffield/Centre for Criminal Justice Studies. March 2013

‘Felon disenfranchisement and social death’ British Society of Criminology Annual Conference, Portsmouth July 2012.

‘How effective is non-custodial sentencing in achieving compliance with road tariff law?’, Brunel University, Parliamentary Advisory Council on Road Safety and Brunel Criminal Justice Research Centre Conference, Achieving Compliance with Road Traffic Law, Uxbridge June 2012, with C. Piper.

‘Should prisoners be allowed to vote?’ Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference, Sentencing stream, Leicester, April 2012.

‘Should convicted prisoners have the right to vote?’, Cambridge University, St Catharine’s College, November 2011.

Participant/panellist, Workshop on the Research Process, University of Winchester, July 2011.

‘Prisoners and the Human Rights Act – 10 years on’, Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, Southampton, September 2010, nominated for the Best Paper Prize from the Criminal Justice Section.

‘Penal austerity and penal populism’ Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference, UWE, Bristol, March 2010.

External examining duties

Queen Mary Law School, M. Phil, Leeds University Law School, Ph.D.,  LL. B, Sussex University Law School


Journal Papers

(2013)  Easton, SM. , Protecting Prisoners: the impact of international human rights law on the treatment of prisoners in the United Kingdom, The Prison Journal (United States, journal of the Pennsylvania Prison Society 1- 18

(2012)  Easton, SM. , Reviewof R. Henham Sentencing and the Legitimacy of Trial Justice, Criminal Law Review (9)  : 730- 732

(2012)  Easton, SM. , Why prisoners should be given the vote, Criminal Justice Matters

(2011)  Easton, SM. , Criminalising the possession of extreme pornography: Sword or shield?, Journal of Criminal Law 75 (5)  : 391- 413 Download publication

(2011)  Easton, SM. , Previous Convictions at Sentencing (Roberts and von Hirsch)., Criminal Law Review 172- 174

(2009)  Easton, S. , The prisoner's right to vote and civic responsibility: Reaffirming the social contract?, Probation Journal 56 (3)  : 224- 237 Download publication

(2008)  Easton, S. , Constructing citizenship: making room for prisoners' rights, Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law 30 (2)  : 127- 146

(2008)  Easton, S. , Dangerous waters: taking account of impact in sentencing, Criminal Law Review 2 105- 120

(2006)  Easton, S. , Electing the electorate: The problem of prisoner disenfranchisement, Modern Law Review 69 (3)  : 443- 452

(2006)  Piper, CD.  and Easton, S. , What’s sentencing got to do with it? Understanding the prison crisis, Contemporary Issues in Law 8 (4)  : 356- 376 Download publication

(2005)  Easton, SM. , Adventures in Neverland: child abuse trials in the wake of the Jackson case, Family Law 35 657- 659

(2002)  Easton, SM. , Feminist perspectives on the Human Rights Act: Two cheers for incorporation, Res Publica 8 (1)  : 21- 40

(2001)  Easton, S. , Punishing sex offenders: Discrimination or justifiable treatment?, International Journal of Discrimination and the Law 5 (1)  : 71- 97

Conference Papers

(2012)  Easton, SM. , Felon disenfranchisement and social death, British Society of Criminology

(2012)  Piper, CD.  and Easton, S. , How effective is non-custodial sentencing in achieving compliance with road traffic law?, Achieving Compliance with Road Traffic Law Download publication

(2012)  Easton, SM. , Should prisoners be allowed to vote?, Socio-Legal Studies Association

Book Chapters

(2013)  Piper, C.  and Easton, S. , Seriousness: A disproportionate construction and application?. In: Cornwell, D. , Blad, J.  and Wright, M.  eds. Civilising criminal justice: An international restorative agenda for penal reform. Hampshire : Waterside Press 187- 206


(2014)  Easton, S. , Silence and Confessions The Suspect as the Source of Evidence. Palgrave Macmillan

(2012)  Easton, SM.  and Easton, SM. , Sentencing and punishment. Oxford University Press

(2011)  Easton, SM. , Prisoners' rights: principles and practice. Routledge

(2008)  Easton, S.  and Piper, C. , Sentencing and punishment: The quest for justice. Oxford University Press

(2005)  Easton, S.  and Piper, C. , Sentencing and punishment: The quest for justice. Oxford University Press

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