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About us

We are an intellectually dynamic and diverse community of scholars who share a clear commitment to broad-based legal research. Together, we have created a strong international research environment. Our research activity embraces doctrinal, theoretical, critical, contextual and comparative approaches to the study of law. It reaches from the local to the global, addressing important challenges in domestic law as well as universal legal, economic, and social issues.

All our academic staff engage in, produce and disseminate leading research in their areas of study.

We are pleased that through-out all past research exercises we have been able to submit all members of staff (apart from 1 in 2013). In the 2001 RAE, we submitted 19 staff members, growing to 29 staff in 2008, and 33 in REF2014. Since the start of 2014, our staff have already produced more than 70 outputs.

The impact of our diversity on the diversity and breadth of our research activity is palpable and can be divided in Public and Private Law. We are particularly committed in assisting the development of high quality early career researchers for the legal academy and for the profession. We have, over the past years produced several new scholars from our PhD candidates who, upon completion, have taken up full-time academic positions at Brunel, Reading, Sussex, East Anglia, Buckingham, and in India, the UAE, and Thailand, to mention a few.