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Our academics within the Brunel Law School contribute significantly to creative thinking in the development of law and public policy.

This is demonstrated through our regular scholarly engagement with and influence on the work of international organisations, parliaments and other institutional actors.

Examples of our collaborations in legal research

Private law

  • Dr Federico Ferretti is an appointed member of Financial Services User Group of the European Commission (DG FISMA) to advise the European Commission on any policy and legislative matter affecting the users of financial services. He was reaffirmed in his position in 2014. As part of his funded project on the over-indebtedness of the European Consumers, Ferretti has worked with national lawyers, judges, the industry and consumer organisations in four different member states of the EU (UK, Greece, Germany and Italy) on consumer over-indebtedness and responsible lending. In completing their report to the European Parliament Ferretti, Dr Christine Riefa, Tony Cole and Professor Ilias Bantekas also worked with law firms in all EU countries researching the national practices of arbitration.
  • In early 2016, Professor Ilias Bantekas was appointed in the list of initial arbitrators of the Bucharest International Arbitration Center. In 2014, he acted as a senior advisor to the Greek Parliamentary Committee and has been one of the main drafters of the Report of the Truth Committee on Public Debt.
  • During his transfer knowledge leave in 2014, Dr Peter Petkoff was able to develop research workshops with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Petkoff continues to act as a consultant to the Media Freedom Office of the OSCE and to the European Parliament.

Public law

  • Dr Christian Heitsch continues to act as the advisor to the German legal firm Baumann Rechtsanwaelte. He completed a submission to the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee with them in 2014. 
  • Dr Adrienne Barnett was appointed a member of the Advisory Group of Rights of Women in 2014, and has been actively involved in advising and assisting them since then. 
  • In 2015, Dr Eleni Polymenopoulou completed two reports for the International Press Institute on freedom of expression in Greece.
  • Professor Alexandra Xanthaki advised the DfID and FCO on indigenous rights and the World Bank; her suggested position was adopted as the UK position on the matter.
  • Dr Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos also enjoys strong links with the General Prosecutor and NGOS working in criminal justice, including Trials International, Open Society and the Irish Council for Civil Liberties - all represented well in the ‘Britain in Europe’ think tank.
  • Dr Ignacio de la Rasilla has been the Founder and Co-Chair of the Interest Group on the History of International Law, the European Society of International law; and the Study Group of the History of International Law and the Latin-American Society of International Law.