Centre for International and Public Law

The Centre for International and Public Law (CIPL) was established in 2004 to promote excellence in the research and teaching of public law and international law. The aim is to contribute to the critical understanding of the role of national and international institutions in promoting human rights, justice and the rule of law. The Centre runs a number of events throughout the year for academics, practitioners and students. Lord Bill Brett launched the seminar series on 11 May 2004, giving a talk entitled "The Report of the World Commission on the Social Dimensions of Globalisation". 

"Laws and institutions no matter how efficient and well-arranged must be reformed or abolished if they are unjust." — John Rawls

Alexandra Xanthaki: 'The Rights under International Law of Indigenous peoples of the Arctic should be fully recognised'

Alexandra Xanthaki reminded international policy makers, civil servants, and lawyers that indigenous peoples of the Arctic must be ensured Free, Prior and Informed Consent. In an event organised by BIICL on the Arctic, Xanthaki stressed the importance of including indigenous rights in the discussions and indigenous representatives in policy making.

Brunel Launches a Law and Religion event for the UK Mission in the UN in NY

Dr Peter Petkoff convened an event with the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief at the UN Headquarters in New York during the UN General Assembly. The event was hosted by the UK Mission in the UN and was chaired by Ambassador Peter Wilson CMG.

Website of the IG of the History of International Law of the European Society of International Law is launched

At the European Society of International Law tenth anniversary conference, the Society announced the creation of a new interest group on the history of international law. Those interested in becoming members should contact Ignacio de la Rasilla and Randall Lesaffer. The interest group's website is here: http://esilhil.blogspot.be/

First World War Centenary - Dr de la Rasilla's revisits the foundation of the American Society of International Law in a special journal issue

The Ambivalent Shadow of the Pre-Wilsonian Rise of International Law is forthcoming in special issue on “The Great War and Law - The Lasting Effects of World War I on the Development of Law” 7 Erasmus Law Review 2 (2014): http://ilreports.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/de-la-rasilla-del-moral-ambivalent.html

Dr de la Rasilla's new two bibliographies on the history of international law are published by OUP

The bibliographies "Medieval International Law" and "History of International Law, 1550-1700" are now available on Oxford Bibliographies of International Law http://www.oxfordbibliographies.com/obo/page/international-law

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