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Careers and employability

Brunel Law School students are highly employable, and 91 per cent of our graduates are in employment or further study six months after leaving.

Most students who study at the Brunel Law School have the intent to progress into the legal profession, though there are some who opt to study law as a foundation for careers in the corporate world, government, or international relations positions.

Graduates go into a wide range of professional careers, becoming barristers, solicitors, consultants, public administrators, social workers, humanitarians and much more.

When you study at the Brunel Law School, you will have plenty of support and guidance for your future career. This is through the assistance of a personal tutor, a dedicated careers adviser, and access to workshops and masterclasses to help you find the best path for you.

Students of the Law LLB programme are further supported with our unique first-year module ‘Legal Skills and Methods’, wherein you will begin to build your employability and legal profile. This includes building workplace confidence, as well as CV preparation.

Keep up-to-date on careers fairs and being prepared for your future with the Professional Development Centre