Oral Communication

Preparing & Giving Presentations

This section consists of suggested approaches and techniques for preparing and delivering oral presentations, illustrated by video clips of university students, from a variety of subject areas (Business and Management, Engineering, Physiotherapy, Sport Sciences, Design, Law, Psychology and Sociology) and levels of study (first year to PhD). To ensure authenticity the videos clips are all of live presentations. Thanks to the Brunel students who took part. You will also find downloadable guides and discussion points to support you in evaluating your own and other's presentation 'performances'.

Like any academic project, before giving oral presentations presenters need to prepare and plan ahead. In order to be thoroughly prepared it is recommended that you work through this series of steps, taking the following considerations into account:

You may choose to work in a different order to the one above and might find it useful to repeat certain steps to make sure you are fully prepared for your presentation.


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