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Why is Improving Oral Communication Important?

Many people owe their success to their ability to give good presentations and to participate confidently in discussion, despite the fact that both are initially a major source of anxiety for most of us. As with any behaviour-based skill there are those who are 'gifted', but that doesn't mean that effective discussion techniques, charismatic public speaking and presentation skills can't be learnt. Through learning the techniques you'll also develop the ability to understand how the communication process works, so that you can adjust your approach to suit your purpose. Clarity of oral communication and well-developed interpersonal skills, when interacting in a group or one-to-one, are attributes that make us more successful students, professionals and all round communicators.

What is this website for?

At university we are involved in contributing to discussions and debates in seminars and workshops and giving individual and group presentations. This website offer a range of resources, including video clips, discussion points, downloadable guidance and self-assessment tools, to help you to develop oral communication techniques. Click on the left hand menu to access the section that interests you.

Who is this website for?

Resources on this website are designed to be used by learners in a self-directed way, and by teachers/lecturers who wish to support learners in developing their oral communication skills. Click on Info for Teachers on the left hand menu for details.

For further details on what we mean by Oral Communciation see the Defining Oral Communication section.



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