Oral Communication

Leading the Seminar

It is likely that during your programme you will be asked to lead a seminar. This may involve you preparing and presenting a topic for the group and then leading a discussion. This involves a careful balance of keeping the number of points you want to make to a limit, to allow some time for discussion, but not rushing and having a couple of extra things 'up your sleeve' which you can leave in or take out depending on time.

Giving a Presentation

For suggestions and video-based examples of how to prepare and deliver a presentation see the extensive Preparing and Giving Presentations section.

Facilitating the Discussion

Managing or facilitating a group discussion so that everyone gets the most out of it is a skill that needs to be learnt and developed. Through practice, and review of your practice, you will become better able to prepare and communicate your ideas, encourage all participants to contribute their ideas and build on each other’s contributions, achieve the objectives in the given time and motivate people do any follow-up work.

You may find the following downloads useful:

Pointers for facilitating group discussions

Learning how to facilitate discussions