Oral Communication

Preparing for Seminars

The key to getting the most out of a seminar is putting the time in beforehand. It could be that you have been given a seminar pack to work through in preparation for each seminar or that your tutor has given you a list of seminar topics and a reading list. Regardless of whether or not you are leading the seminar, it is your responsibility to contribute. You need to be ready with some points that you wish to discuss, opinions to share and questions to ask. Your tutor and peers will not appreciate it if you continually turn-up with nothing to offer. Neither will you gain confidence in those transferable skills that develop through active participation in such group situations.

However, if you have not managed to do the reading in preparation for the session it would be a bad idea to use this as an excuse for not attending the seminar. You will still deepen your understanding of the topic and have opportunity to practise and observe good communication skills. More importantly, you will appreciate how much more you would get out of seminars if you do the necessary preparation.

This Preparing for Seminars Planner will help you to organise yourself better in preparation for your seminars.


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