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Advertising scheme - houses and flats

The Housing Office is always looking for rooms and whole properties to let to students. If your property is good quality, affordable and preferably within walking distance of the University, we will be happy to advertise it.

How does the scheme work?

All properties advertised by the University will need to be inspected to ensure that they comply with all the relevant health and safety requirements and that they offer a comfortable, clean, safe home for the time that students occupy the property.

Once the property has been inspected and you have returned the relevant paperwork, we will put the property on the Brunel Student Homes website for all of our students to view.

Your contact telephone number/s will also appear on the website so that students can make viewing arrangements directly with you.

If the students likes the property, it is up to you to arrange the deposit, draw up the lease and inventory and manage the property.

We do ask that when you have found a group for your property, you advise the Housing Office that the property has been let and provide the names of the students for our records.

How much will it cost me to advertise?

There is an administration charge for registering and advertising through the University, which is £35 for the year, which runs from 1 January to 31 December.

The administration charge allows you to advertise your property for as long as necessary and as many times as you need to during the course of the year without further cost.

Properties will need to be re-registered each new year and a new administration charge paid.