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Head Lease letting scheme for landlords

If you would prefer the security of guaranteed rent for the term of the lease, you might wish to consider our Head Lease Scheme.

How does it work?

The University will rent the property from you and then re-let the property back to a group of students, who will have been checked by the University. Brunel University takes over the day to day management of the property and will carry out regular inspections. Unless we have to notify you of any repairs you should have no further worries.

If you have a good quality, affordable property, preferably within walking distance of the University, which is suitable for groups of people, then this may be your preferred option.

The minimum requirements are:

  • one bedroom for each student
  • one communal living room/area
  • enough cooking/kitchen space for each occupier
  • enough shower/bath and toilet facilities for the number of occupiers
  • good decorative order
  • a good standard of furnishing, compliant with current fire furnishing safety standards
  • a current Gas Safety Certificate
  • a current Electrical Safety Certificate
  • fulfillment of all current health and safety standards for the size of the property (see the schedule of works documents below)
  • a current HMO License from the Local Authority, if the property houses five or more
  • current house and buildings insurance for renting to students

For further information, please see the Head Lease Scheme booklet.

Useful links

Schedule of works (maisonettes)
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