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Head Lease letting scheme for students

We advertise flats and houses within easy reach of the campus (Uxbridge, Cowley, Yiewsley, West Drayton and Hillingdon) to groups of between three and seven friends, all of whom must be students. The scheme is available to full-time students in their second year and above, including students on work placement.

The contract will usually be between 52 and 39 weeks, depending on the property and the start date. All contracts will normally start in June, unless the property has come on the market a little later in the year.

Rent is paid to the University in four instalments, as you would if you were living in halls.

The size of the property and amount of communal space varies from house to house. We request that all bedrooms contain a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, desk and chair. Some landlords will also supply shelves or bookcases.

In communal areas, enough seating for the number of occupiers should be provided, and if space permits, there may be a dining table and chairs. All properties must have a fridge/freezer (or separate fridge and freezer), an oven and a hob.

Please note that Head Lease properties do not always have locks on bedroom doors.

Allocation of Head Lease properties

We don't ask for references or guarantors but do check behaviour and financial records within the University.  If any individual in the group has outstanding debts to the University the application may be rejected.

Viewings of available properties will be offered from January each year.

You will be asked to appoint a lead tenant for your group. They will be responsible for making sure all members of your group view the property and later, should you take a property, be responsible for ensuring utility bills are set up and arranging repairs, maintenance and inspection visits.

Once you have viewed a property you will need to let us know by 10am the next morning if you're interested in taking it. If we've not heard from you by this time we will offer viewings to other interested groups.

Once you have agreed to take the property, a non-returnable booking fee of £350 per person will be payable immediately (this will automatically become your damage and cleaning deposit once you have taken up occupancy). If you decline the property you may request a viewing of another suitable property.

Head Lease Scheme - how it works

How to apply

If you have a group of between three and seven people and are interested in applying for a Head Lease property as a group, you'll need to: