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Off Campus Maintenance Request

FOR OFF CAMPUS PROPERTIES ONLY - on campus maintenance requests should be made via the Accommodation Hub.

Please use this form to provide Brunel Student Lettings with details or any repairs or maintenance that are required in your property. Please make sure you have the full details of the repair required and photos where applicable. 

The priority order for completing repairs are as follows:

The priority order for completing repairs are as follows:
 PriorityTimescale  Examples
 Priority One:
A repair that requires urgent attention, in order to avoid danger to health, risk to the safety of tenants, or which has potential to cause significant damage to the property, or tenants belongings, if not promptly addressed.
First visit to be within 24 hours.
 Issues that have the potential to prevent the tenants safely remaining in the property: Serious leaks, boilers breaking down (particularly in winter), the gas supply being cut off, the only toilet in the property not working, a security issue– failed locks/broken windows.

Priority Two:
A repair which is inconvenient and will affect the comfort of convenience of tenants, which while not immediately pressing, should be dealt with promptly.

Within 5 working days
Loss of services or problems that affect some aspect of the property, but not the whole property. A shower requiring work (where there is more than one shower available), a cooker that has broken down completely, a fridge/freezer that has stopped working.

Priority Three:
Non urgent day to day repairs

Within 28 working days
 Remedial works that tenants may not request, but that are necessary to ensure the property is well maintained. Replacing gutters, replacing windows, improvements in the property – fitting a suited lock system, replacing door handles and so forth.

Please note - any requests made online will be dealt with during office hours. If your request is of a priority 1 nature and it is outside office hours please contact the Campus Security Team by phone on 01895 255786 who will be able to assist you.

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