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Guests and tickets

A deadline of Wednesday 21 June 2017 is given for you to complete your eVision graduation task and request any guest tickets you require. The eVision Graduation task allows students to request up to 10 guest tickets but we can only guarantee 2 guest tickets per student as availability of guest tickets will depend on demand.

You should request the total number of guest tickets that you require via the task. The price for each guest ticket is £26.

The event will be live streamed on the day to allow those unable to attend to see it in real-time via the internet. Ceremonies will also be broadcast live on campus for guests not entering the theatre.

The eVision task also provides the opportunity to request any visa letters and/or to give details of any additional requirements due to disability; common accessibility needs are listed in the "My Graduation" task.

How do I know how many tickets I have?

Firstly, you must have completed your eVision Graduation invite task and request guest tickets by the deadline (Wednesday 21 June 2017) and be eligible to attend.

You will be able to see your allocation via the My Graduation tab in eVision once the ticket task goes live by the end of the day on Thursday 22 June 2017.

Further allocations will occur following this to cater for those awarded after this date or for those who have had to make decisions on elective reassessment.

What do I do if my guests or I need a visa to attend my ceremony?

You will be able to request a support letter for both yourself and any guests requiring a visa via your eVision Invitation Task.

Do I have to pay for all my guest tickets?

All guest tickets, including the two guaranteed tickets, are charged at £26 each and all guest tickets must be paid for. There is a complimentary drink included with the ticket.

Those without tickets will still be able to attend celebrations on campus for free and watch from screens provided but will not be able to enter the theatre or be entitled to the drink included with the ticket. Guests who do not have a ticket may still partake in students' photography sessions however.

Can I bring guests onto campus even though they do not have tickets for my ceremony?

Yes. On campus there will be a live stream of the Graduation ceremonies in the Eastern Gateway building. Guests who do not have tickets to attend your ceremony are more than welcome to watch your ceremony at one of these locations and join you for photographs and in celebrations both before and after your ceremony.

Can I buy tickets for young guests?

Theatre (i.e. ticketed) entry is not permitted for children 6 years old and below (ie children need to be 7 or older to enter the theatre).

Degree ceremonies are quite long (about an hour and a half, further extended by the time sitting in the theatre before the ceremony starts) and are not designed to appeal to young children. We find that even well-behaved children find it difficult to cope with this and to remain quiet throughout the ceremony. Therefore children who are 6 or younger cannot be accommodated within the theatre.

In addition, because of fire regulations, any child 7 or older entering the theatre must have a separate seat (and ticket) and cannot be accommodated by sitting on an adult’s lap.

Children of all ages are more than welcome to join the celebrations on campus and to watch your Graduation in the Lecture Centre or from the big screen which we plan to have outside, but they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Are there any child care facilities available for Graduation?

Please note that we are not able to provide any childcare facilities on the day and that a parent, guardian or family member must remain with children at all times.

How do I pay for my guest tickets?

The ticket task in eVision, which becomes live once your tickets have been allocated, provides a drop-down menu of payment methods including on-line payment and payment via the cash office either by phone or in person. Please do complete the task prior to visiting the cash office, if this is your chosen payment method.

New to this July's ceremony is that the guest ticket payment line (or online payment) will remain open right up until the day of the ceremony allowing more time to pay. However, to ensure everything runs smoothly, we strongly recommend paying by midnight on Friday 7 July 2017.  

On the day of your ceremony cash payments are not permitted at the registration desks; therefore tickets must be paid by card only.

How will I collect my guest tickets?

All tickets are to be collected in person at Registration on the day of your ceremony. Registration (which is for students only) opens 2 hours prior to your ceremony start time and remains open for 1 hour.

When you register your attendance for your Graduation ceremony, you will be given your ticket for entry to the theatre, which will include your seat number. You will also be given any guest tickets that you have paid for. Please remember to bring photographic ID with you to register.

Students must be registered and in the theatre wearing their gown at least half an hour prior to the official ceremony start time.

Will I be seated with my guests?


Graduating students are seated together in the centre aisles in the theatre in the order they will process across the stage to collect their certificates. Students are seated with those they have studied with while at Brunel.

Guests are seated in blocks at either end of the auditorium, facing both the student seats and the stage.

Will I be able to get more guest tickets than I have been allocated?

Availability of tickets will depend on demand, therefore we cannot guarantee that spare tickets will be available. Any spare tickets will be made available when Registration opens (2 hours prior to your ceremony start time).

These will initially be distributed at a maximum of one additional guest ticket per student and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

What should I do if I do not need all the tickets that have been allocated for me to buy?

If you find that you suddenly do not require all the guest tickets allocated to you, please inform the registration desk on your arrival. If you are not attending, please update your eVision Graduation Task and we will take note of your ticket release.

However, do please note that we are unable to provide refunds.

What should I do if my guest has additional requirements?

If any of your guests have additional requirements you will be asked to give details in your eVision Invitation Task. You will be contacted close to your ceremony to confirm arrangements; normally after the ticket allocation has been done.

Is there a prayer room available on campus for my guests and I to use?

The Meeting House (home to Brunel University London Chaplaincy) will be open each day from 9.30am to 4.00pm. People of all faiths are welcome to use the facilities. A Quiet Room will be available for those wishing to pray or needing a quiet place to sit.

Muslim daily prayers are on the top floor of the Isambard Amenity Building. Friday prayers will be held in the Isambard Amenity Building, using the top and middle floors.

For more information: email: meeting-house@brunel.ac.uk  or visit: (www.brunel.ac.uk/chaplaincy)

Important Notes

All guests will need a ticket to be admitted to a ceremony.

On the day of your ceremony cash payments are not permitted at the registration desks; therefore tickets must be paid by card only.

Children aged 6 and under cannot be admitted, with or without a ticket, and there will be no childcare facility.

Students will be seated together, so they can be guided to the stage in the correct order for their name to be called and their certificate issued. Consequently guests are seated separately but do not have allocated seats.

On campus there will be a live stream of the Graduation ceremonies in the Lecture Centre and weather permitting outside on a big screen for any guests not entering the theatre.

We operate a "no refund" policy, although you are able to change the number of guest tickets requested by returning to the "My Graduation" task in eVision.

Ticket confirmation and payment

Tickets will be allocated, to those with an award and eligible to attend graduation, the day after the task completion deadline (21 June 2017). Any edits made to your graduation task will be looked at every Friday prior to the ceremonies.

Paid guest tickets will not be sent out in advance. They will be available for collection when students register to attend on the day of their ceremony.

Ticket payment will be open until the day before your ceremony but try not to leave it to the last minute. We are recommending that you make payment prior to midnight on Friday 7 July 2017 to ensure that payment has successfully gone through..  

As noted above, please be aware that we operate a "no refund" policy once ticket payments have been made.