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Invitation to Winter Graduation

You will need to be at the venue at least an hour and a half before the ceremony, so we can confirm your attendance and so that you can collect your gown and attend photography.

Ceremony dates and times
 Ceremony 1 Thursday 15th December - 10:00am

College of Health and Life Sciences

College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences (excluding Design) 

All postgraduate programmes 
excluding Design.

 Ceremony 2  Thursday 15th December - 3:00pm

College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences

and Design (College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences) 

All postgraduate programmes including 
Design from the College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences.

How am I invited?

Postgraduate students are sent an e-mail notifying them when the Graduation task is available for them in eVision under the 'my Graduation' tab.

When will I be invited?

Postgraduate taught students will be invited in August. If you are expecting to complete and be awarded before December, and have not been invited by the end of August, please contact the Student Centre (student.centre@brunel.ac.uk).

Postgraduate research students will only be invited upon having sucessfully submitted to the Library.

How do I respond?

To respond to the task in eVision you will need your student ID number (printed on ID card) and then:

  1. Go to https://evision.brunel.ac.uk
  2. Enter your username (your username is your student ID number without the /1, /2 etc).
  3. Enter your eVision student portal password (or follow the on-screen instructions if you have forgotten your password).
  4. Look at the list on the left hand side of the screen and click on “my Graduation”.

Why do I need to respond?

You need to respond so that the University can make arrangements accordingly for your attendance or absence.

This also enables you to:

  •  secure visa support letters for you and your guests
  •  ensure your attendance and guest tickets

By not replying, we may not be able to accommodate you if you do plan on attending.

If you do not wish to attend but do not reply, there may be a delay in your certificate being available regardless of when you completed the certificate task.

Please note non-attendance will not make you eligible for the July ceremonies.

What is the deadline for responding?

You will need to complete the Graduation invitation task by Sunday 27 November.

If you miss this deadline, you may not be able attend or may not be able to bring guests.

What is in the Graduation Task?

In the Graduation task, you will be able to:

  • confirm either your attendance or non-attendance
  • update contact details for future Graduation correspondence
  • apply for guest tickets
  • request Invitation Letters to support you or your guests' visa application
  • inform the University if you or any of your guests have additional requirements relating to disability