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Not attending Winter Graduation?

It is still important to respond to the eVision "My Graduation" task, to confirm that you are not attending graduation.

In addition, when you use eVision to check your results, please use the buttons to tell us if you want to collect your certificate from the Student Centre or to have your certificate posted and confirm the address we should use.

If you do not indicate how you wish to receive your certificate, it will not be produced without further contact with the University.

Please note non-attendance will not make you eligible for the next year's ceremonies.

Failing to arrive at Winter Graduation

If you complete your "My Graduation" task indicating that you plan to attend your ceremony but do not arrive, you will need to request us to post your certificate and confirm the address we should use (via your results page in eVision). In this instance we will post your certificate in January 2017.

Attending Winter Graduation

In most cases, your certificate will be issued to you during the ceremony.

When you use eVision to check your results, you should use the button to confirm collection at graduation.

Where awards are agreed much earlier than December, you may choose to request collection or postal delivery of your certificate. The date this will be available will be shown on your results page.

If you have already received your certificate, you will be given a letter of congratulations in a certificate folder when you cross the stage at your ceremony.

Please note that if you do not arrive for graduation, we will not be able to post your certificate until January 2017 (see above).

I cannot attend and would like to defer to the next available ceremony?

Deferral requests are granted in exceptional circumstances and if you wish to defer to the next available ceremony please awarding@brunel.ac.uk with a short description and reason for requesting deferral; students will be
informed of the decision as soon as possible.