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Sexual Assault and Violence

At Brunel University London, we recognise that harrassment, physical and sexual violence are matters of great concern and we are committed to tackling this issue. Through our Student Support Teams, we are focused on making Brunel a safer place to live, work and study.

If you have been assaulted or sexually harassed in any way, you may need time to decide what you want to do next. We would encourage you to seek support as you consider your options.

Emergency help

Have you just been assaulted? Are you safe?

If you feel that you are still at risk or that others may be at risk:

  • On campus - Call Security immediately on 01895 255786.
  • Off campus - Call the Police immediately on 999.

If you need urgent medical treatment, call for an ambulance:

  • On campus - Call Security immediately on 01895 255786.
  • Off campus - Call for an ambulance immediately on 999.

If you do not require emergency treatment, it is best not to call an ambulance. You may decide to go to:

 If you are not at further risk...

  • Find somewhere safe and warm as you may be in shock.
  • If you can, phone a friend to come to you.
  • Don’t drink, eat, wash, smoke, clean your teeth, go to the toilet or change your clothes until you decide what you want to do next.
  • Keep any used condom or bedding in a clean plastic bag.
  • Where possible, try not to disturb the scene where the incident took place.

Reporting an incident

Following an incident of sexual violence and misconduct, you have options. You may choose to disclose the incident to a member of University staff in order to seek support. This is not the same as making a report or a formal complaint to the University. The Student Support and Welfare Team can discuss your reporting options (listed below) with you so that you can make an informed decision of what you wish to do.

Need help or support?

Support Services are available to talk through your options whether you wish to report the event or just discuss the support you can use, and to refer you to specialist services if you prefer.

Reporting an incident to the University

You can choose to report an incident of physical/sexual violence or other acts of misconduct to the University. If you want us to take some action in relation to the incident we have processes which can deal with this. The Student Support and Welfare Team can explain to you how this would work.

In order to report an incident you can email Student Support . Once you have submitted the email, a member of the Student Support and Welfare Team will get in touch with you to discuss it further. They will also be able to direct you to any support that will be helpful.

With your agreement, the incident report will then be considered for further action. If appropriate this will then be taken forward by the student complaints and misconduct team. You can be supported throughout this process. 

Remember that the University’s process is separate from any criminal matters. If you would like to pursue criminal charges you will need to report this separately to the Police. 

 Report to Police

If you would like to pursue criminal charges in response to the incident that happened you will need to report this directly to the Police. Brunel has a Police Officer that works on campus and he will be able to help you with this.  You can contact him via the Security team, or the Student Support and Welfare Team. 

Other ways you can contact the Police is through any local police station or by calling 101.