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West London Assessment Centre (WLAC)

There is currently a 2 working day waiting list for most assessments. Please call 01895 266704 to book an appointment.

The West London Assessment Centre (WLAC) is based at Brunel University London and provides needs assessments for those who have applied successfully for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). Assessments can also be done at our outreach centres at Buckinghamshire New University (BNU) in High Wycombe or at Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL) in Egham, Surrey. Please contact us on 01895 266704 or at assessmentcentre@brunel.ac.uk if you want to book your needs assessment at one of these centres.

Expert advice and guidance on disability support, equipment and specialist software, as well as specialist equipment training, is also available.

The West London Assessment Centre booklet provides information about Disabled Students' Allowances and needs assessments.

As a nationally DSA/QAG accredited assessment centre we are able to assess students and applicants from any university - you do not have to be studying at Brunel.

The current KPI (key processing indicator) is that you should have your assessment within 15 working days of your initial contact with us. KPI information about the centre can be found on the DSA/QAG website www.dsa-qag.org.uk.

To book your needs assessment please telephone 01895 266704 or email: assessmentcentre@brunel.ac.uk

The needs assessment process

Once you’ve made your appointment booking:

If you can, please find out the following information to discuss with your assessor:

  • Investigate your course and the activities you can expect to participate in.
  • How might the workload change over your course?
  • How is your course delivered (seminars, labs, lectures)?
  • How will you be assessed (exams and/or coursework)?
  • Will you need to use any particular equipment or software?
  • Will you be expected to use email and online resources?
  • Do you need to go on placements and/or field trips?

How to assist your assessor:

  • If possible bring along some examples of your written work such as lecture notes or essays
  • Speak to your tutors and disability support staff about your needs. They may have some useful suggestions. A letter from your tutor or disability adviser can be brought to the assessment with you or emailed in advance, although this isn’t essential.

What happens next:

After you’ve met with your assessor, the Centre will send you your report within 10 working days. You’ll have selected on your consent form if you wish to receive a draft copy for review or whether the report can be sent to you, your DSA funder and your university on the same day.

Other information:

The WLAC is audited and accredited by the national body, DSA-QAG. You can find out more about this and the standards, policies and procedures by which WLAC has to operate in their Quality Assurance Framework document: www.dsa-qag.org.uk

Your DSA funding will pay directly for your needs assessment. Our current fees are £660 per assessment.  

If you cancel your assessment with less than 24 hours notice a £60 charge may apply.

Inclusive fee:

WLAC will charge a fee to undertake your assessment from the general allowance section of your DSA. This will be a single assessment fee, which will cover any work required for the duration of your course of study, which will include:

  • Any activities undertaken by your Needs Assessor or the Centre to review your DSA support needs for the duration of your original course
  • Liaising with your funding body, equipment supplier, HEI or other stakeholder for the purpose of reviewing your support needs.

Assessment Reviews

There may be occasions when your funding body asks you to have an official review of your needs conducted.  Please contact the centre that did you original assessment to arrange your review. Charges for reviews may vary, but are capped at £300 and paid for directly by the funding body.

Performance feedback

We successfully passed our most recent re-accreditation audit.

90% of our assessments last less than 2 hours, although all our assessors will take time to understand your study related disability needs which is why we may exceed this timeframe. 96% of students felt that the length of their assessment was "about right".

WLAC aims to provide excellent needs assessment reports and customer service. However if you feel we have not provided this, please consult our complaints procedure.