The Arts occupy an important position at Brunel. Dance, music, drama, media production and the visual arts are all catered for at a range of ability levels.


The Arts Centre

The Arts Centre provides the space, tuition and specialist equipment required for your creative skills to flourish. It offers a variety of arts activities for all students, staff and members of the public, including:

  • a vibrant performing arts programme with weekly evening and lunchtime music recitals as well as theatre and dance;
  • courses in drama, music, dance and the visual arts, as well as concerts, theatre productions, exhibitions and activities, many of which are provided free of charge to students;
  • high-quality and up-to-date facilities.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students who are not studying music as part of their academic course can also apply for Music Awards, to help cover the cost of continuing your music tuition.

See the information page for Freshers, or browse the Arts Centre site for more details.


The School of Arts

Performance is a key element of many academic courses in the School of Arts at Brunel. As a result, the School runs many performance groups that are open to all Brunel students.

See the School of Arts website

Page last updated: Monday 27 January 2014