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Graduate profiles



James Parsons - Insights Consultant at Capgemini

"Studying Mathematics at Brunel has equipped me with a broad range of skills such as logical thinking and problem-solving. The overwhelming knowledge gained from the course is both powerful and compelling, and is taught by enthusiastic, passionate researchers. Through the completion of individual and group assignments, I was given the freedom to explore mathematical phenomena, whilst developing advanced skills which has permitted me to challenge myself and succeed in my current role as Data and Insights Consultant at Capgemini."


Matt Arnold - Applications Engineer Redwood Technologies Limited

"I felt that Brunel hit the sweet-spot with its modules; alongside the pure mathematics I was able to flex my skills within practical computer-based modules and also applied areas such as mechanics and risk analysis. Brunel ensured that I gained self-confidence when it came to addressing a new challenge alongside the problem-solving and computational skills which studying mathematics brings. All of this enabled me to land my role at Redwood Technologies."