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Advanced Manufacturing and Enterprise Engineering

AMEE research group focusses on advanced manufacturing technology, enterprise engineering and engineering management, this is truly a place where cutting edge research brings the frontiers of science and technology to postgraduate and undergraduate students. Our members ensure that we can provide an excellent experience in a friendly and supportive environment.

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International Conference on Manufacturing Research, Brunel University, 2008

AMEE organised the 6th International Conference on Manufacturing Research (ICMR2008), incorporating the 24th National Conference on Manufacturing Research, at Brunel on 9-11 September 2008. The details of the conference are available at the conference website.

The conference included sessions on the following themes:

  • Micro/nano manufacturing
  • Extended manufacturing supply chains and systems
  • Design of bench-top/desk precision machines and microfactory
  • Advanced manufacturing using lasers
  • Wireless manufacturing


The AMT laboratory houses a 3-axis diamond turning machine, a 5-axis micro-milling machine, a 3-axis reconfigurable meso-machine and a Bridgeport VMC500 (24,000 rpm, 18 kW). In addition, a range of high precision spindles (250,000 rpm DC motor-driven aerostatic spindle, 45,000 rpm magnetic bearing spindle, 10,000 rpm aerostatic spindle) and PC-based controllers (UMAC and PMAC controllers) have recently been contributed by the industrial collaborators. Ancillary equipment includes AFM, CMM, Zygo 3D surface profiler, Wyko 3D surface profiler and other 2D/3D surface metrology and workpiece surface integrity equipment (SEM, microhardness, X-ray residual stress and fatigue). The AMT laboratory is headed by Professor Kai Cheng and currently accommodates over a dozen of PhD students and research fellows/assistants who are working in various projects related to:

  • Micro/nano manufacturing 
  • Design of ultraprecision machines 
  • Micro/nano metrology 
  • Manufacturing metrology
  • Condition monitoring and control
  • Manufacturing systems 
  • Robotics and manufacturing automation
  • 2D/3D vibration assisted machining 
  • Machining dynamics
  • Advanced manufacturing using lasers

These projects are funded by the EPSRC, EU 6th Framework Program, KTP Program, DTI, and the industry. The laboratory is currently working with more than 30 industrial partners including TWI, NPL, UPM, Delta Tau, Rolls-Royce, Grundfos, etc.