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Engineering Dynamics

The Centre for Engineering Dynamics is a team of academics and researchers from a range of engineering disciplines. We conduct research into dynamic systems using the School’s extensive laboratory and computing facilities that provide excellent support to our research students.

We welcome enquiries from potential PhD applicants and partners for research into:

 Discipline  Theme  Project
 1. Performance Integrity 1.1 Robustness and reliability (a) Geometric risk factors in arterial devices
(b) Advanced patent maps
(c) Complex networks
  1.2 System integration (a) Active flow control systems architectures for existing and novel aircraft platforms
  1.3 Engineering tribology (a) Autonomous sliding contacts
(b) Self-lubricating contacts
 2. Active Devices                                          2.1 Piezoelectric devices (a) Distributed mode actuators
(b) ANC dental drill noise
(c) Active air bearings
(d) Electromagnetic actuators
(e) Synthetic jet actuators
  2.2 Vibration modelling (a) Wavelet analysis in structural dynamics applications
  2.3 Robust and Fault-tolerant control, system modelling and simulation (a) Multi-Physics modelling of electro-mechanical sensing devices
(b) Fault tolerant flight control
(c) Multi-Physics modelling of electro-mechanical-fluidic actuator devices
 3. Dynamic Structures 3.1 Structural health monitoring  (a) Damage detection using guided waves
(b) Damage detection using pattern recognition
  3.2 Adaptive structures  (a) Structural optimisation of morphing skins under aeroelastic
  3.3 Biomimetic dynamics

(a) Palm tree petiole shape factors
(b) Friction and wear of biological materials, biomimetic structures to enhance grip
(c) Biomimetic closure mechanisms for orifice-based fluidicacuators