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The Science of Good Health

Public Lecture, Eastern Gateway Building – Auditorium

Dame Mary Archer outlines the crucial role of science in the history of good health, and discusses potential future developments in human wellbeing.

Advances in science over recent centuries have allowed the Earth’s population to increase to over 7 billion, and it is only through science that the health of this huge number of people can be sustained. From early agricultural chemistry to the latest techniques in molecular medicine, science has had major impacts on individual and public health.

The development of pharmaceutical drugs has increased life expectancy by some 25-30 years over the past century, while modern diagnostic and surgical techniques have made the previously untreatable treatable. Advances in materials science have transformed dentistry and equipped us with artificial hip and knee joints and synthetic blood vessels, heart valves and skin. Early regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies are now moving into clinical practice, and genetic profiling of individuals and tumours is ushering in the era of personalised medicine.

Among future developments, we may be able to grow or print replacement body organs such as liver, skin and kidneys, biobank information will allow people to understand their individual risk of future disease, and nanorobots may deliver ultraprecise therapies. Death will remain an ultimate certainty, but our life chance of good health before then will increase.

Doors open from 5:30pm, cash bar available before and after the lectures.

Brunel’s Public Lecture series of exciting talks is free and welcome to all, bringing together a variety of experts in a range of fields to discuss topical subjects and how they may affect our future.

Apr 22 2:30pm

Culture on the move: Whose land is it? Migration & Cultural Heritage

Lecture, Moot Court Elliott Jacques Brunel University

The Brunel Law School has the honour and privilege to welcome Dr Catherine Wihtol de Wenden, who will give a lecture at Brunel University on the 22 April 2015 as part of the Seminar Series 'Culture on the Move'. Dr De Wenden is a lawyer and political scientist, expert in International Migrations, currently teaching in Paris - Sciences Po.

Culture on the move: Migration, Living traditions and Cultural Heritage Protection

Workshop, Moot Court Elliott Jacques Brunel University

The Brunel Law School, in collaboration with the Brunel Human Rights Centre and the URC Human rights, Security and the Media, is organizing a Day Workshop on Migration & Cultural Heritage, as part of the Seminar Series 'Culture on the Move'.

International Conference on Sustainable Human Development

Conference, Hamilton Centre

Brunel University London is proud to host the Third Annual International Conference on Sustainable Human Development 2015 (iSHuD 2015). The central theme for this year is Sustainable Operations. This conference provides a leading forum for debate on issues of importance to society at large. By attending this conference you will discover new insights and knowledge related to the betterment of life in a sustainable way. Leading scholars from around the world will present their research through a range of presentations, seminars, posters, demonstrations and exhibitions. You will have the change to engage policy-makers and academics on the pressing problems facing long-term viability and sustainability of societies, as we explore the challenges for the diversity and well-being of local communities in the face of growing globalization and ever increasing development. For more information on the conference and to book, please contact the chair: or visit

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