General University Events

Feb 18 5:30pm

Professor Luiz Wrobel: Inaugural Lecture

Lecture, Eastern Gateway Building Auditorium

Professor Luiz Wrobel, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, in the Institute of Materials and Manufacturing will deliver his Inaugural Lecture entitled 'The Use of Computational Modelling as a Supporting Tool in Neonatal Care'.

Mar 08 5:30pm

Professor Julia Fox-Rushby: Inaugural Lecture

Lecture, Eastern Gateway Building Auditorium

Professor Julia Fox-Rushby, Theme Leader for Health Economics in the Institute of Environment, Health and Societies, will deliver her Inaugural Lecture entitled 'Can Economic Evaluations Help Make Smarter Decisions on Public Health?'.

Mar 14 6:30pm

Ig Nobel Eurotour

General event, Eastern Gateway Auditorium

An evening of science that makes you laugh, then makes you think.

Will British universities be stronger inside or outside the European Union?

Public Lecture, Eastern Gateway Auditorium

Organised in partnership with Universities UK as part of their campaign to keep Britain in Europe, this debate asks whether British universities will be stronger inside or outside the European Union.

The Big Question: What is really to blame for the obesity epidemic?

Lecture, Eastern Gateway Auditorium

There is no denying that our collective waistline is growing – the UK has the highest obesity rates in Europe, set to grow to 50% of the population by 2050 and costing billions to the economy. Closer to home, Hillingdon was called out as the fattest borough in London in 2014. New diets and exercise regimes appear to work but still we are getting bigger. So what are we doing wrong? Or is this beyond our control? Scientists have been warning us of the possible effect of chemicals in our environment, what impact they have on our hormones, development of diseases like cancer but what if they are also changing how we process the food we eat?

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