Upcoming Seminars

Jun 02 12:00 pm

Structural Change Test in a Negative Binomial Model for Time Series of Counts

Seminar, John Crank - Room 128

Speaker: Xun Xiao, City University, Hong Kong

Jun 15 9:00 am

Exploring the Social Benefit of Informal & Lifestyle Sports Seminar Series

Seminar, Brunel Univeristy

Seminar 2: Institutionalisation and Regulation

Jun 16 5:00 pm

On-line Gendered Violence in 12-18 Year Old Young People’s Lives

Seminar, MRSC202 Mary Seacole Building

This seminar is organised by the Centre for Youth Work Studies as part of its 2014-15 seminar series “Violence and Young People: Approaches to Study and Intervention”

Jun 25 2:00 am

Campaign for Social Science Roadshow

Seminar, Darwin Room, Hamilton Centre

At this event, the Campaign for Social Science will discuss its work advocating on behalf of the social sciences in the lead-up to General Election 2015, and what the new government means for the future of UK social sciences.

Jul 13 2:00 pm

Metamorphic Testing: Past, Present and Future

Seminar, St Johns Building - Room 050

Speaker: Dr Sergio Segura (Seville University)

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