Upcoming Seminars

Apr 24 12:00 pm

ISEing Research Seminar

Seminar, TBC

ISEing Research Seminar

Apr 24 2:00 pm

Highly oscillatory problems in wave scattering theory: their asymptotic and numerical approximation

Seminar, John Crank - Room 128

Speaker: Samuel Groth, Reading University

Apr 29 4:00 pm

Non-Hermitian systems of sl(2,R) and Euclidean Lie algebraic type with real energy spectra

Seminar, John Crank - Room 128

Speaker: Andreas Fring (City)

May 14 10:00 am

AARC Staff meeting & research seminar with Dr Grigorios Theodospoulos

Seminar, ESGW 103

AARC members will gather for a staff meeting. After that, Dr Grigorios Theodospoulos will give a research seminar entitled “Teaching acounting and finance to non-specialists: An evaluation of the students’ perspective”.

Jun 11 4:00 pm

CCSR 'Comedy Matters' Research Seminar Series 2013-14

Seminar, Darwin Room, Hamilton Centre, Brunel University

Dr Jessica Milner Davis, Professor Salvatore Attardo and Associate Professor Lucy Pickering.

Jun 17 4:00 pm


Seminar, John Crank - Room 128

Speaker: Yuliya Mishura (Kiev, Ukraine)

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