How many guests can I bring to Graduation?

A deadline will be given for you complete your task by and request any guest tickets you require. You should request the total number of tickets that you require via the task.

Providing you complete this task by noon, Wednesday 22 June 2016 we will guarantee to allocate 2 of your guest tickets. Additional tickets may be available on the day depending on demand. All guest tickets will be charged at £25.

There will be no more ticket allocations and remaining tickets will be available to purchase, one (1) per student, during the registration period before each ceremony. Any allocated but unpaid tickets will be held until one hour before the ceremony.

What do I do if my guest needs a visa to attend my ceremony?

You will be able to request a support letter via your eVision Invitation Task.

Can I bring guests onto campus even though they do not have tickets for my ceremony?

Yes. On campus there will be a live stream of the Graduation ceremonies into the Lecture Centre and, we hope, outside on a big screen. Guests who do not have tickets to attend your ceremony are more than welcome to watch your ceremony at one of these locations and join you for photographs and in celebrations both before and after your ceremony.

What should I do if my guest has additional requirements?

If any of your guests have additional requirements you will be asked to give details in your eVision Invitation Task. You will be contacted close to your ceremony to confirm arrangements; normally after the ticket allocation has been done.

What counts as additional requirements?

You need to let the University know via your eVision Invitation Task if your guest will need any adjustments or special arrangements due to a disability. For example, your guest might have limited mobility, need the use of a hearing induction loop or be in a wheelchair.

The University can only make additional requirements for guests whose needs are known prior to the ceremony and via the eVision task.

Will I be seated with my guests?

Graduating students are seated together in the centre aisles in the theatre in the order they will process across the stage to collect their certificates. Students are seated with those they have studied with while at Brunel.

Guests are seated in blocks at either end of the auditorium, facing both the student seats and the stage.

Can children attend Graduation?

Degree ceremonies are quite long (about an hour and a half, further extended by the time sitting in the theatre before the ceremony starts) and are not designed to appeal to young children. We find that even well-behaved children find it difficult to cope with this and to remain quiet throughout the ceremony. Therefore children 6 years old and younger cannot be accommodated within the theatre (i.e. children need to be 7 years old to enter the theatre).

In addition, because of fire regulations, any child older than 7 entering the theatre must have a separate seat and cannot be accommodated by sitting on an adult’s lap.

Children are more than welcome to join the celebrations on campus and to watch your Graduation in the Lecture Centre or from the big screen, which we hope to have outside, but they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Are there any child care facilities available for Graduation?

Please note that we are not able to provide any childcare facilities on the day and that a parent, guardian or family member must remain with children at all times.

Is there a prayer room available on campus for my guests and I to use?

The Meeting House (home to Brunel University London Chaplaincy) will be open each day from 9.30am to 4.00pm. People of all faiths are welcome to use the facilities. A Quiet Room will be available for those wishing to pray or needing a quiet place to sit.

Muslim daily prayers are on the top floor of the Isambard Amenity Building. Friday prayers will be held in the Isambard Amenity Building, using the top and middle floors.

There is a Wash Facility in the portakabin near the Chadwick Building. Please do not use public washrooms for ablution.

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Is there any accommodation available for my guests and I around Graduation?

To be confirmed.

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