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Researching employers and industries

Why them – why do you really want to work for this organisation?

Popular employers get many applications from candidates who just fancy working for a ‘big name’.  If you can show a genuine interest your half way there.  Briefly indicate how you’ve researched the organisation and show them what interests you about their business, its ethos, specific projects or the client base.

Display recent knowledge of the company and awareness of the industry and commercial pressures. Sound keen and enthused and show them that you have you researched their work and found a specific case or area interesting. Do not make vague and general comments or cut and paste information from the website. Instead try and show you have carried out research and then share your opinion.

Questions to help fuel your research?

  • What does this company actually do and has it been in trade press or the wider news lately?
  • Why do you want to work there? Talk about clients, competitors, culture, strengths and challenges. Keep it all positive
  • What are some of the issues and trends in this profession or industry and how might you be able to help to contribute towards solutions?
  • What impact you believe economic and technological changes will have and why do you feel the company is in a good position to compete moving forward?
  • What skills do you believe will be in demand now and in the future and again how to you hope to contribute?

What other sites can you use for research?

Other Professional development webpages you should look at include