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What employers want


Employability is about making yourself attractive to employers, as a student, a new graduate and throughout your career. Apart from your skills it also includes knowledge (degree, sector knowledge), personal attributes (drive, determination, enthusiasm), as well as your ability to convey these effectively to the world of work.

Top skills employers are looking for:
  • Passion and enthusiasm
  • Willingness to learn
  • Commitment
  • Motivation
  • Communication - oral
  • Drive/energy
  • Communication - written
  • Commercial and financial awareness
  • Customer and client focus
  • Tenacity and managing change
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Leadership

Developing your employability

Get involved

On campus through student societiessportvolunteering, your degree, Brunel+ and working. Use the Academic Skills Service (ASK) - part of Brunel Educational Excellence Centre (BEEC) - for writing, studying and numeracy support and Modern Languages for free courses.

Off campus through work experience, sport, travel and work (all jobs count - they give you transferable skills, so don't leave them out).

How useful is my degree?

Clearly there are vocational areas such as medicine, engineering and law where you will need to study the relevant degree but the majority of employers (60%+) are not concerned about the subject you study. They want bright, engaged candidates with work experience, whom they can train. Speak to your careers consultant about the breadth of work options open to you.

Ways of recording your skills development
  • HEAR The Higher Education Achievement Report is the official University hub to record academic and non-academic achievements.

  • Brunel+ is designed to give you recognition for the non-academic activities that you participate in during your time at Brunel by recording what you do to earn points to work towards gaining a Bronze+, Silver+ or Gold+ Award.