Carl Faia



Dr Carl Faia studied composition at the University of California at Santa Barbara with Peter Racine Fricker and Edward Applebaum, and the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark, on a Fulbright grant, with Karl Aage Rasmussen and Per Norgaard.

Since 1995 he has been active as a live electronics designer and composer working at IRCAM in Paris, the CIRM in Nice then as a freelance artist. He has collaborated with numerous composers and artists to present new works with computer electronics in festivals throughout Europe and works regularly with Art Zoyd Studios in France.

Research area(s)

  • Live electronics design
  • Composition with and without electronic media
  • Collaborating with composers and other artists on live electronics
  • Collaborations in music theatre pieces with live electronics
  • Workshops in live electronics
  • Max expert
  • IRCAM experienced
Interfacing musicians with computers, real-time interaction with computers, audio analysis and synthesis and re-synthesis, sound diffusion



Sonic Arts, composing with sound, GUI for computer music programs using MaxMSP


Selected Publications


Faia Harrison, C.  and Robinson, C.   (2010)  Billows

Faia Harrison, C.  and Dillon, J.   (2009)  Philomela

Faia Harrison, C.   (2008)  Des Cartes Carpeaux


Faia Harrison, C.  and Köner, T.   (Accepted) The Futurist Manifesto. [Madrid, Spain].  

Faia Harrison, C.  and Köner, T.   (Accepted) The Futurist Manifesto. [Chatelet Theater, Paris, France].  

Faia Harrison, C.  and Köner, T.   (Accepted) The Futurist Manifesto. [Impakt Festival, Urtrecht, Holland].  

Faia Harrison, C.  and Harvey, J.   (Accepted) The Summer Cloud's Awakening. [Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival].  

Faia Harrison, C.  and Harvey, J.   (Accepted) The Summer Cloud's Awakening. [FESTIVAL OF NEW MUSIC ARENA, Riga, Latvia].  

Faia Harrison, C.   (Accepted) The Summer Cloud's Awakening. [Gaida Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania].  

Faia Harrison, C.  and Francesconi, L.   (Accepted) Gesualdo Considered As A Murderer. [Teatro Franco Parenti, Milano, Italy].  


Faia Harrison, C.   (2010)  SOMA_spat.   (1)  [Computer program]. Available at: http://www.synart.or/

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