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Ms Claire Dungey

Ms Claire Dungey
Research Assistant


I gained my Ph.D. in anthropology from Aarhus University in 2015.

My Ph.D is based on research in rural Uganda concerning young people's experiences of schooling and friendships. During the Ph.d. studies I visited Brunel University for four months in 2013/14. I returned to Aarhus University to complete my studies, after which I did some teaching at Aarhus University, both at the department of anthropology and the department of education.

Currently, I am investigating the link between aspiration and education in rural Lesotho and have conducted 9 months of fieldwork in 2017. The project is called "Education systems, aspiration and learning in remote rural settings" and is based on fieldwork in three country settings - Lesotho, India and Laos. We are a team of researchers -  Prof. Nicola Ansell, Dr Peggy Froerer and Dr Arshima Dost from Brunel University as well as Dr Roy Huijsmans and Syvongsay Changpitikoun from the ISS, and prof. Ian Rivers from the University of Strathclyde.