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Dan is a Researcher and Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Psychology, and the Head of Employability, Marketing and Student Recruitment for the Division of Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences. After obtaining his honours degree in Psychology, Dan completed his MSc in Sport & Exercise at The University of Exeter before attaining his PhD in Sport & Exercise Psychology at Brunel, thereafter taking up his current academic post in 2007. Dan has worked in the public and private sector, including work in local authorities, the National Health Service, investment banks, the health & fitness industry and Further Education. He is a British Psychological Society (BPS) Chartered Psychologist registered to practise with the Health and Care Professions Council, and is an Associate Fellow of the BPS. Dan provides onsite sport psychology services for Brunel’s Sport Scholars; since the inception of this service, he has obtained outstanding results, including two national champions (fencing and karate), and various Personal Best performances, in track and field events! But when he is not working, Dan loves to spend time with his family & friends, and still tries to run long distances, in the (maybe vain) hope that he may better his marathon Personal Best of 2:44:33…

  • Programme Lead, BSc Psychology (Sport, Health and Exercise)
  • Recognised Programme Developer
  • Head of Employability, Marketing and Student Recruitment, Division of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences
  • University Misconduct and Professional Suitability Panel Member and Chair
  • Athena SWAN Self-assessment Team Member, College of Health and Life Sciences
  • PhD Internal Examiner
  • MPhil Internal Examiner
  • Postgraduate Research Supervisor (see Teaching/Supervision)
  • Postgraduate and Undergraduate Module Leader (see Teaching/Supervision)
  • Senior Tutor for Sport Sciences (September 2009 – August 2012)
  • Chair, Mitigating Circumstances Panel (September 2009 – August 2012)
  • Chair, Staff-Student Liaison Committee (September 2009 – August 2012)
  • Sport Sciences Courses Committee Member
  • School of Sport and Education Research Ethics Committee Member
  • Reviewer for Behavioral Research Methods, European Journal of Sport Science, International Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, Journal of Sports Sciences, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, Music Performance Research, Psychology of Music, Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Sport & Exercise Psychology Review, The Sport Psychologist.

Membership and affiliation

  • Full Member of the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Healthy Ageing Theme Associate Member
  • Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society
    -Founding Member, Qualitative Methods in Psychology Section
    -Founding Member, Special Group in Coaching
  • Founding Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) Division of Sport & Exercise Psychology
  • BPS Chartered and Registered Practising Psychologist
  • Health and Care Professions Council Registered Practitioner Psychologist
  • Full Member, the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

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Research interests

Dan’s research interests began with his PhD programme, wherein he examined the emotional responses to music in young athletes; he collected affective, behavioural, and neuroimaging data in doing so. Although Dan has retained an active interest in the strategic use of music, as typified by his co-authorship of the 2012 BASES Expert Statement on the use of music in exercise, his continued supervision of PhD students in the area, and his podcast for Study with Brunel, he has since been integrally involved in the examination of the neural bases of expert-novice differences in anticipation skill, using fMRI technology; he is a member of the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience (CCN; see below) and of the Combined Universities Brain Imaging Centre (CUBIC) to this end.

Dan’s current research interests include the relationship between gaze and information pickup during observational learning, action anticipation and decision making under pressure. He is also examining crossmodal influences on decision making, and motorskill (re)acquisition, via action observation and motor imagery.

Research centre(s)



Dan holds a City and Guilds 7407 Certificate (Stage 1) in Further Education. He was the first member of academic staff to complete the Professional Development in Academic Practice here at Brunel; he is also is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Dan has conducted research to examine the quality of visually impaired students’ experience at the University, attracting HEFCE-allocated funding (£19.3K) in doing so. He has also completed a project funded by the Brunel Educational Excellence Centre, which illustrates the benefit of visual guidance for learning from short vodcasts; this complements his current research (see Research) and is the epitome of research-led teaching that we continually strive to deliver at Brunel.

Dan currently leads two masters-level modules on the MSc Sport Sciences (all pathways) and MSc in Sport & Exercise Psychology:

  • SP5508: Research Methods and Data Analysis
  • SP5521: Individual Differences in Sport and Exercise

He also delivers on the following master’s modules:

  • SP5522: Advanced Research and Application in the Psychology of Sports Performance
  • SP5535: Social Processes in Sport and Exercise
  • SP5601: Physical Activity and Health

He leads the following undergraduate module:

  • SP3713: Employability and Professional Development

And he delivers on the following undergraduate modules:

  • SP1700: Fundamentals of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences
  • SP1701: Research and Learning Skills I
  • SP2017: Principles of Coaching Effectiveness
  • SP2555: Placement Module
  • SP2710: Work-Based Learning
  • SP3023: Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • SP3700: Major Project

Research supervision

Dr Dan is currently supervising PhD students Ms Giorgia D’Innocenzo, whose research focus is on the relationship between gaze and information pickup during action observation; Viktor Gredin who is exploring footballers' use of probabilistic information to make rapid decisions; Adele Burnett, who is examining dispositional influences on skilled netball umpires' decision making; Fabio Castro, whose research focuses on the use of crossmodal sensory augmentation for motorskill (re)acquisition; and Mr Toby Staff, who is investigating the relationship between novices' and atheletes' perceptual-cognitive abilities and their acquisition of complex motor skills.

Recent PhD completions:

  • Dr Leighton Jones
  • Dr Hayley Barton
  • Dr Harry Lim

Selected Publications

Journal articles

D'Innocenzo, G. , Gonzalez, C. , Nowicky, A. , Williams, A.  and Bishop, D.   (Accepted)   'Motor resonance during action observation is gaze-contingent: A TMS study'. NeuropsychologiaDownload publication 

Burnett, A. , Bishop, D. , Ashford, KJ. , Williams, AM.  and Kinrade, NP.   (Accepted)   'Decision-making of English Netball Superleague Umpires: Contextual and Dispositional Influences'. Psychology of Sport and ExerciseDownload publication 

Bishop, D. , Addington, N.  and D'Innocenzo, G.   (2016)   'Using Visual Guidance to Retrain an Experienced Golfer’s Gaze: A Case Study'. European Journal of Sport ScienceDownload publication 

D'Innocenzo, G. , Gonzalez, C. , Williams, AM.  and Bishop, D.   (2016)   'Looking to Learn: The Effects of Visual Guidance on Observational Learning of the Golf Swing'. PLoS OneDownload publication 

Bishop, D.   (2016)   'Effects of spoken cues on decision-making in netball: An eye movement study'. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 47 (1).  pp. 1 - 12. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3621-15.2016 Download publication 

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Cocks, A. , Jackson, R. , Bishop, D.  and Williams, AM.   (2015)   'Anxiety, Anticipation, and Contextual Information: A Test of Attentional Control Theory'. Cognition and EmotionDownload publication 

Loizou, G. , Karageorghis, CI.  and Bishop, D.   (2014)   'Interactive effects of video, priming, and music on emotions and the needs underlying intrinsic motivation'. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 15 (6).  pp. 611 - 619. doi: 10.1016/j.psychsport.2014.06.009 Download publication 

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Book chapters

Bishop, DT.  and Karageorghis, CI.  (2008)   'Managing pre-competitive emotions with music', in Bale, JR.  and Bateman, A. (eds.) Sporting sounds: Relationships between sport and music.  London Routledge pp. 59 - 84. 

Conference papers

Karageorghis, CI. , Jones, L. , Priest, DL. , Akers, RI. , et al.   (2009)   'Revisiting the exercise heart rate-music tempo preference relationship' , 2009 International Society of Sport Psychology World Congress on Sport Psychology. Marrakech, Morocco. [unpublished].  

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