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Dr Grahame Fallon

Dr Grahame Fallon
Senior Lecturer


I am a Senior Lecturer in International Business in Brunel Business School, where I am also MSc in Management Programme Director. I was cluster leader and conference organiser, Cross-border cooperation and conflict management cluster, CBASS, Brunel University from 2016-17.


Teaching and curriculum development, course management, research

Newest selected publications

He, S., Fallon, G., Khan, Z., Lew, YK., Kim, KH. and Wei, P. (2017) 'Towards a new wave in internationalization of innovation? The rise of China's innovative MNEs, strategic coupling, and global economic organization'. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 34 (4). pp. 343 - 355. ISSN: 0825-0383

Journal article

Shaowei, H., Fallon, G., Khan, Z. and Wang, Z. (Accepted) 'The Rise of Chinese Innovative Firms and the Changing Governance of Global Value Chains'.European International Business Academy Conference. Vienna.Open Access Link

Conference paper

Fallon, G. (Accepted) 'Inward Investment, Employment and Government Policies in Wales'. Regional Studies. ISSN: 1360-0591

Journal article

Yukhanaev, A., Fallon, G., Baranchenko, Y. and Anisimova, A. (Accepted) 'An Investigation into the Formal Institutional Constraints that Restrict Entrepreneurship and SME Growth in Russia’'. Journal of East-West Business, 21 (4).Open Access Link

Journal article

Yukhanaev, A., Fallon, G., Perényi, A. and Roberts, J. (Accepted) 'Russian Institutional Development: Challenges to Inbound Investments and Implications for Government Policymakers'. International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management..Open Access Link

Journal article
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