Katherine Cashell



Katherine Cashell is a Lecturer in Civil Engineering in the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering at Brunel University. She is also Senior Tutor for the department.

Dr Cashell is a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (MICE) and Engineers Ireland (MIEI). She is engaged in teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and research in steel and composite structures. Her principal research interests lie in the area of structural testing, numerical modelling and the development of efficient design guidance for steel and composite structures. In particular, she has developed an expertise in the analysis of structural response during extreme loading conditions, such as a fire.  She is also actively engaged in researching the use of novel materials such as stainless steel and high strength steel in building structures.

Dr Cashell is actively involved in the Institution of Civil Engineers and Engineers Ireland. She is the immediate past Chair of the Great Britain region of Engineers Ireland and the current vice-Chair.

Academic/Professional Career

  • Senior structural engineer at the Steel Construction Institute (SCI), Ascot, UK. August 2010 – August 2012.
  • Structural engineer at High Point Rendel (HPR), London, UK. October 2009-August 2010.
  • Research Assistant at Imperial College London, UK. January 2006-January 2009.


  • PhD in Advanced Structural Engineering, Imperial College London, University of London, 2009
  • Diploma of Imperial College (DIC), 2009
  • MEngSc (Research) in Civil Engineering, University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland, 2006
  • BEng (Hons) in Civil and Environmental Engineering, First Class, University College Cork (UCC), Ireland, 2004


Research interests


Dr Cashell leads an active research group working in the general area of steel and composite structures, focussing on the response during extreme loading conditions such as a fire. Analytical, numerical and experimental methods are employed to perform both fundamental and applied research. 
Within the general area of structural engineering, there are a number ongoing research projects and opportunities. Applications from outstanding candidates are welcome at any time of year. Email for more information: katherine.cashell@brunel.ac.uk.

  • Steel and composite structures.
  • Behaviour and design of structures under extreme loads.
  • Experimental and numerical methods in structural engineering
  • Structural fire engineering.
  • Robustness of building structures.
  • Innovative materials in construction.
  • Stainless steel in structural applications.
  • High strength steel in structural applications.
  • Steel fibre reinforced concrete.
  • Development of more efficient design rules.


  • The Steel Construction Institute (SCI)
  • The Welding Institute (TWI)
  • Imperial College

Research student supervision

  • Florides M., Behaviour of composite structures during a fire (started October 2013).
  • Winful D., Fire behaviour of high strength steel (started October 2014).
  • Bolut M., Tailored energy distributions for laser beam welding (started October 2014).




Dr Cashell is engaged in teaching and project supervision at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

  • CE 3001 Structural Analysis (module leader)

    The general aims of this course are to develop:
    • An intuitive understanding of structural behaviour;
    • Methods for the determination of various load effects;
    • Appreciation of different types of structures and their behaviour.
    The main focus is on statically indeterminate structures. That is, structures that cannot be solved for using the equations of statics alone. Students are introduced to several fundamental techniques of structural analysis including force methods, displacement methods and plastic analysis. Dr Cashell teaches for one term of this module.
  • CE 5603 Advanced steel design (module leader)

    The main aims of this module are:
    • To introduce the concept of advanced steel design and composite construction and their applications in engineering.
    • To develop in depth understanding of the behavioural and theoretical background to limit state design of structural steelwork.
    • To be able to design multi-storey steel frames including braced steel frame and steel-framed composite buildings; o To understand the stability analysis of steel structures.
    Dr Cashell teaches all of this module.
  • CE 3003 Steel and Concrete Design (module contributor)

    The primary aim of this course is to provide an introduction to the behaviour and design of reinforced concrete and steel structures. Dr Cashell teaches for one term on the subject of structural steelwork design. This covers the design of steel tensions members, compression members, steel beams including web bearing and web buckling, steel beam-columns, joints/connections, principles of member sizing, serviceability limit state design of steel beams and general principles of steel frame design.
  • CE 3009/3099 Individual Project (module leader)

    Dr Cashell coordinates the final year projects and also supervises a number of projects. The main aims of this module are as follows:
    • To give experience in planning, researching and conducting a major civil engineering project;
    • To apply relevant civil engineering techniques to an in-depth level; o To assess the validity of the results and carry out an in-depth analysis;
    • To critically assess the findings in the light of engineering applications and in comparison with previous work;
    • To develop self-direction in finding solutions, putting forward ideas and draw conclusions;
    • To apply and improve transferable skills.
  • CE 1601 Fundamentals of structures (module contributor)

    This module covers most of the core topics on fundamentals of structural and applied mechanics.

    The aims are to:
    • establish a solid foundation in the basic concepts of mechanics, kinematics and kinetics of particles and systems of particles;
    • extend these concepts to the foundation and principles of governing the mechanics of solid bodies under static and dynamic conditions.
    Dr Cashell contributes a number of lectures to this module.
  • CE 3604 Innovative construction materials (module contributor)

    The aims of this module are
    • To provide an introduction to innovative construction materials (ICMs); o To broaden and deepen students’ knowledge of the range and application of innovative construction materials;
    • To give an appreciation of the strengths and limitations of innovative construction materials;
    • To provide an appreciation of the selection and performance of innovative materials;
    • To give an appreciation of sustainability issues related to innovative construction materials;
    • To develop awareness of the latest developments and trends in the production and use of innovative construction materials.
    Dr Cashell contributes a number of lectures to this module.

Research supervision

Each year, Dr Cashell supervises a large number of undergraduate and postgraduate projects. 

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Abdallah, S. , Fan, M.  and Cashell, KA.   (2017)   'Pull-out behaviour of straight and hooked-end steel fibres under elevated temperatures'. Cement and Concrete Research, 95 doi: 10.1016/j.cemconres.2017.02.010 Download publication 

Abdallah, S. , Fan, M.  and Cashell, KA.   (2017)   'Bond-slip behaviour of steel fibres in concrete after exposure to elevated temperatures'. Construction & Building Materials, 140 doi: 10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2017.02.148 Download publication 

Varol, H.  and Cashell, KA.   (Accepted)   'Numerical modelling of high strength steel beams at elevated temperature'. Fire Safety Journal, 89 pp. 41 - 50. doi: 10.1016/j.firesaf.2017.02.005 Download publication 

Florides, MM.  and Cashell, KA.   (2016)   'Numerical modelling of composite floor slabs subject to large defections'. StructuresDownload publication 

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Cashell, KA. , Elghazouli, AY.  and Izzuddin, BA.   (2010)   'Experimental and analytical assessment of ductility in lightly reinforced concrete members'. Engineering Structures, 32 (9).  pp. 2729 - 2743. doi: 10.1016/j.engstruct.2010.04.043 Download publication 

Elghazouli, AY. , Cashell, KA.  and Izzuddin, BA.   (2009)   'Experimental Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Steel Reinforcement at Elevated Temperature'. Fire Safety Journal, 44 (6).  pp. 909 - 919. Download publication 

González, A. , O' Brien, EJ. , Li, Y-Y.  and Cashell, KA.   (2008)   'The use of vehicle acceleration measurements to estimate road roughness'. Vehicle System Dynamics: international journal of vehicle mechanics and mobility, 46 (6).  pp. 483 - 499. 

Book chapters

Gardner, L.  and Cashell, KA.  (2012)   'Trusses', in Davison B..  and Owens G.. (eds.) Steel Designers' Manual.  Steel Construction Institute pp. 600 - 623. 

Conference papers

Bolut, M. , Kong, KY. , Blackburn, J. , Cashell, KA.  and Hobson, P.   (2016)   'Yb-Fibre Laser Welding of 6 mm Duplex Stainless Steel 2205' . doi: 10.1016/j.phpro.2016.08.043 Download publication 

Florides, MM.  and Cashell, KA.   (2015)   'Behaviour of composite floor slabs under fire conditions' , ASCCS - 11th international conference on "Advances in Steel-Concrete Composite Structures". Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. 3 - 5 December. Download publication 

Florides, MM.  and Cashell, KA.   (2015)   'Assessment of the ultimate response of composite slab panels' , CONFAB 2015 - The First International Conference on Structural Safety under Fire and Blast. Glasgow, Scotland. 2 - 4 December. Download publication 

Winful, DA. , Cashell, KA. , Pargeter, RJ.  and Barnes, AM.   (2015)   'High strength steel in fire' , CONFAB 2015 - - The First International Conference on Structural Safety under Fire & Blast. Glasgow, Scotland. 2 - 4 September. Download publication 

Cashell, KA.  and Baddoo, NR.   (2013)   'Experimental assessment of ferritic stainless steel composite slabs' , Composite construction VII. Cairns, Australia. - 31 July. ICE International Conferences & Events, 2013. Download publication 

Rossi, B.  and Cashell, KA.   (2011)   'Recent Research into Thin-walled Ferritic Stainless Steel Profiles' , 6th International Symposium on Steel Structures. Seoul. 

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Cashell, KA. , Elghazouli, AY.  and Izzuddin, BA.   (2009)   'Failure criteria for composite slabs subject to extreme loading conditions' , ICASS-2009, 6th International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures. Hong Kong. Download publication 

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