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Dr Lynne Baldwin

Dr Lynne Baldwin
Senior Tutor

Newest selected publications

Baldwin, LP. and Clarke, M. (2005) 'Using ICT to better support the fragmentary nature of healthcare', in Bangert, DC. and Doktor, R. (eds.) Human and Organizational Dynamics in e-Health. Radcliffe Publishing. pp. 99 - 123. ISBN 10: 1 85775 666 5. ISBN 13: 9781857756661.

Book chapter

Baldwin, L., Clarke, M., Hands, L., Knott, M. and Jones, R. (2003) 'The effect of telemedicine on consultation time'. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, 9 (Supplement 1). pp. 71 - 73. ISSN: 1357-633X

Journal article

Kuljis, J., Baldwin, L. and Scoble, R. (2002) 'Proceedings of the fourteenth annual workshop of the psychology of programming interest group, PPIG 2002'. Proceedings published by Brunel University Printing Services for PPIG 2002 conference, London, UK. 18-21 June 2001.. ISSN 10: 1-902316-24-X


Baldwin, LP., Eldabi, T., Hlupic, V. and Irani, Z. (2000) 'Enhancing simulation software for use in manufacturing'. Logistics Information Management, 13 (5). pp. 263 - 270. ISSN: 0957-6053

Journal article

Baldwin, LP., Paul, RJ. and Williams, DS. (1999) 'Managing soft knowledge in a hard workplace'. Cognition, Technology and Work, 1 (3). pp. 133 - 141. ISSN: 1435-5566

Journal article
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