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Dr Marika Noorkoiv

Dr Marika Noorkoiv
Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Marika is a Research Fellow in the Department of Clinical Sciences. She trained as a Physiotherapist in Tartu Health Care College, Estonia and completed a Master's degree in Biomechanics in the Department of Biology of Physical Activity in the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland in 2008 where she examined the effect of estrogen replacement therapy on muscle strength and fatigability in monozygotic twins. Then she completed her PhD at the Edith Cowan University, Australia in 2013. For her PhD she investigated joint angle-specific neuromuscular adaptations to resistance training. In 2013 she joined Stroke Research Group in Newcastle University, UK as a Research Associate where she developed her knowledge in multicentre clinical trials and accelerometry applications in neurorehabilitation. She has worked as a physiotherapist in neurorehabilitation for a number of years. Currently she is working as a Research Fellow on the 3-y project titled "An evaluation of the feasibility, acceptability and efficacy of resistance training in adolescents with cerebral palsy", funded by the Action Medical Research and The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Charitable Trust. She is interested in the role of muscle and tendon biomechanical properties related to functional performance and application of various ultrasound methods.