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Professor Neil Anderson

Professor Neil Anderson


I am Professor of Human Resource Management and Director of Research of both the HRM-OB research group and the IDEAL (Innovation, Diversity, Employment and Law) interdisciplinary research centre at Brunel Business School.

I have obtained my PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Aston University in 1989, and I have previously held chairs at the University of London (Goldsmiths College) and the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). I have published in several areas spanning HRM and Organizational Psychology over a number of years, and am now one of the most cited Industrial-Organizational psychologists in Europe. I am Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Fellow of both the American Psychological Association and Division 14 of the APA (the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology), Fellow of the IAAP, and an Academic Fellow of the CIPD.

Having published over 100 refereed papers, 20 books, and over 60 book chapters, my scholarly work has appeared in a number of the top-tier journals in the field including the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Personnel Psychology, Human Relations, Human Performance, and the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. In addition, I have also co-edited a number of major handbooks including the Blackwell Handbook of Selection (2005) and the Handbook of Industrial, Work, and Organizational Psychology published by Sage (2001/2016). As a former editor and Associate Editor, I continue to serve on the international editorial boards of several other scholarly journals including the Journal of Management, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Business and Psychology, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, International Journal of Selection and Assessment, and the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, amongst others. Further details and copies of my publications are available at:

I have built up wide experience of departmental and university management roles, including in my current roles as Director of Research for both the HRM-OB Group and IDEAL within the Business School. Over the years I have won funding from research councils and third-wave foundations in three countries, including a Leverhulme Trust funded centre into innovation research in the workplace, and, most recently, NASA (the MARS mission project). In total, I have won in excess of 3 million pounds of research support from a wide range of funding bodies in several countries.

Having previously been Visiting Professor to several universities in the UK, China and the USA, I am currently Visiting Professor at the University of Maastricht (The Netherlands) and the University of Valencia (Spain). Retaining a close interest in the practical application of scientific research in human resource management practices in organizations, I have also consulted to numerous organizations in the UK, Europe, and the USA on issues relating to personnel psychology and organizational performance, including British Aerospace, the British Army, Shell, Saville Consulting, and NASA in the USA (Jupiter and MARS Missions).

Newest selected publications

Maier, GW., Hulsheger, UR. and Anderson, NR. (Forthcoming) 'Innovation and creativity in project teams', in Wastian, M., Braumandl, I., van Rosenstiel, L. and West, MA. (eds.) Applied psychology for project managers: A practical guide to successful project management. London : Springer.

Book chapter

Costa, AC., Fulmer, CA. and Anderson, NR. (2018) 'Trust in Work Teams: An Integrative Review, Multilevel Framework, and Future Directions'. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 39. pp. 169 - 184. ISSN: 0894-3796 Open Access Link

Journal article

Ones, DS., Anderson, N., Viswesvaran, C. and Sinangil, HK. (2017) 'The SAGE Handbook of Industrial, Work & Organizational Psychology, 3v Personnel Psychology and Employee Performance; Organizational Psychology; Managerial Psychology and Organizational Approaches'. SAGE. ISSN 10: 1473942799 ISSN 13: 9781473942790


Anderson, N., Woods, SA., Mustafa, M. and Sayer, B. (2017) 'Innovative Work Behavior and Personality Traits: Examining the Moderating Effects of Organizational Tenure'. Journal of Managerial Psychology, in press (in press). ISSN: 0268-3946 Open Access Link

Journal article

Ones, DS., Anderson, N., Viswesvaran, C. and Sinangil, HK. (2017) 'The SAGE Handbook of Industrial, Work & Organizational Psychology V1: Personnel Psychology and Employee Performance'. SAGE. ISSN 10: 1473942810 ISSN 13: 9781473942813

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