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Richard Bale



Head of Modern Languages

Room: RUSL 111a

Email: richard.bale@brunel.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0)1895 265531

Richard joined Brunel University London as Head of Modern Languages in August 2015. He was awarded a PhD in corpus-based language learning and interpreter education from the University of Surrey in 2013, having previously completed a PGCE in Secondary Modern Languages and a first degree in Linguistic and International Studies (German and Russian).

Richard has taught German language, translation and interpreting at the University of Surrey and German linguistics at the University of Kent. He has also worked as Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. Richard is interested in aspects of research related to language and translation pedagogy, innovative learning teaching and assessment practices, and employability and international work placements.

Research area(s)

Richard's research areas include:

  • Students as partners (current project funded by the Teach Brunel Fund)
  • Second language acquisition
  • Learner autonomy
  • Translator and interpreter education
  • Applied corpus linguistics
  • Employability and international work placements


Research interests

Richard is interested in how learning can be enhanced using partnerships, which includes investigating ways of extending learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Richard’s current project, supported by the Teach Brunel Fund, explores how students can be employed as Student Teaching Assistants (STAs) in Modern Language classes.

Richard is also interested in the use of corpora to aid learning and assessment practices in language learning and translation. Beyond this subject area, Richard takes a keen interest in placements and employability, particularly concerning ways of incorporating employability skills as part of the curriculum.

Research project(s) and grant(s)

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Bale, R.   (2016)   'Online to on stage: towards a performative approach to interpreter education'. Scenario, 10 (2).  pp. 8 - 21. Download publication 

Bale, R.   (2016)   'Promoting learner autonomy through spoken corpora'. International Journal of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, 5 pp. 121 - 143. Download publication 

Jekat, S. , Prontera, D.  and Bale, R.   (2015)   'On the perception of audio description: developing a model to compare films and their audio described versions'. Trans-Kom: Zeitschrift für Translationswissenschaft und Fachkommunikation, 8 (2).  pp. 446 - 464. 

Bale, R.   (2015)   'An evaluation of spoken corpus-based resources in undergraduate interpreter training'. International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 25 (1).  pp. 23 - 45. doi: 10.1111/ijal.12036 

Bale, R.   (2013)   'Undergraduate consecutive interpreting and lexical knowledge: the role of spoken corpora'. The Interpreter and Translator Trainer, 7 (1).  pp. 27 - 50. 

Book chapters

Hayes, S. , Bale, R. , Bhoola, T. , Jack, K. , et al.  (2017)   'Innovative teaching and learning practices using student partnerships', in Branch, J. , Hayes, S. , Hørsted, A.  and Nygaard, C. (eds.) Innovative Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.  Libri pp. 75 - 82. 

Bale, R.  (2017)   'STA(r)s in the classroom: supporting collaborative learning with Student Teaching Assistants', in Branch, J. , Hayes, S. , Hørsted, A.  and Nygaard, C. (eds.) Innovative Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.  Libri pp. 93 - 106. 

Bale, R. , Ehrensberger-Dow, M.  and Pescia, L.  (2017)   'Swiss energy policy in translation', in Rosenberger, N.  and Kleinberger, U. (eds.) Energiediskurs: Perspektiven auf Sprache und Kommunikation im Kontext der Energiewende.  Peter Lang pp. 177 - 197. 

Theses / Dissertations

Bale, R.   (2013)  Spoken Corpus-based Resources for Undergraduate Initial Interpreter Training and Lexical Knowledge Acquisition: Empirical Case Studies.  PhD Thesis.

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