Sharifah Alwi


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Senior Lecturer and Pathway Co-ordinator for MSc Applied Corporate Brand Management

Room: ESGW 104h


Tel: +44 (0)1895 267161

I received my PhD from Manchester Business School, UK and I'm currently a Senior Lecturer of Corporate Brand Management at Brunel Business School, London, UK. Formerly, I served as a Lecturer of Marketing in University of Malaya, Malaysia. I have more than 16 years’ experience in teaching and research. Currently, I teach corporate brand management courses including applied corporate branding and strategic corporate brand consulting. My research work has appeared in several reputable academic journals such as Journal of Business Research, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Brand Management, Journal of General Management, Journal of Product and Brand Management; Industrial Management and Data Systems, , Marketing Intelligence and Planning and Corporate Reputation Review. My main research interest is in branding with a focus on corporate, product and service brands.

I have served as joint guest editor in three special editions of academic journals – with branding focus, namely International Studies of Management & Organizations (ISMO), Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistic (APJML) and Journal of Islamic Marketing (JIM). I also sit in the editorial board of Asia Journal of Business and Accounting. In the past, I have been the Principal Investigator of three major projects previously: (1) A Collaboration of University of Malaya/Malaysia and Oxford Said Business School on Islamic Branding and Marketing For Malaysia, funded by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, (2) Socioeconomic Impact of the National Broadband Initiative, funded by Multimedia Development Corporation, Malaysia and Customer Satisfaction Index, funded by Asian Institute of Finance in Malaysia. I have co-authored a book (with Professor TC Melewar) entitled: Corporate Brand: Area, arena and approaches, 2015 by Routledge. I have also served as Visiting Scholar in Brand Management at University Catholica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy in 2015.

Research area(s)

Branding at different levels namely:

Corporate and small medium-sized enterprises

Product and services





Marketing and corporate branding related modules:

Corporate Brand Management (Applied Corporate Branding, and Strategic Corporate Brand Consulting)

Marketing (Principle of Marketing, Marketing Management, Marketing Strategy; Promotion Management and Consumer Behaviour)

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Melewar, TC. , Bang Nguyen. , Syed Alwi, SF.  and Navare, J.   (2017)   'The State of the Art on Corporate Reputation: A Special Section'. International Studies of Management and Organization. doi: 10.1080/00208825.2017.1318016 Download publication 

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Melewar, TC. , Nguyen, B. , Syed Alwi, SF.  and Navare, J.   (2017)   'Advancing the Scholarship on Corporate Identity and Corporate Branding.'. International Studies of Management & Organization, 47 (2).  pp. 107 - 109. doi: 10.1080/00208825.2017.1256159 Download publication 

Ong Khian Sin. , Bang Ngyuen.  and Syed Alwi, SF.   (Accepted)   'Consumer-Based Virtual Brand Personality (CBVBP), Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty in the Online Banking Industry'. International Journal of Bank Marketing, 35 (3).  pp. 370 - 390. doi: 10.1108/IJBM-04-2016-0054 Download publication 

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Hamzah, ZL. , Syed Alwi, SF.  and Othman, MN.   (2014)   'Designing corporate brand experience in an online context: A qualitative insight'. Journal of Business Research, 67 (11).  pp. 2299 - 2310. doi: 10.1016/j.jbusres.2014.06.018 Download publication 

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Melewar, TC.  and Syed Alwi, SF.   (2015) Corporate branding: Arenas, areas and approaches.  Routledge 

Melewar, TC.  and Syed Alwi, SF.   (2017) Islamic marketing and branding: Theory and practice.  Routledge imprint: A Gower Book 

Book chapters

Hambali, A. , Nguyen, B. , Ismail, N.  and Syed Alwi, SF. (Accepted)   'Corporate Sports Sponsorship: Exploring the Relationships between Consumer Perception, Consumer Response and Sponsor’s Brand Reputation – Evidence from Malaysia', in Nguyen, B. , Melewar, TC.  and Schutlz, D. (eds.) Asia Branding.  Palgrave Download publication 

Nguyen, B., Simkin, L. and Syed Alwi, S.F.  (2015)   'Fairness Management: Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand', in Nguyen, B. and Rowley, C. (ed.) Ethical and Social Marketing in Asia.  Chandos Publishing pp. 215 - 229. 

Sequeira, N, da Silva, RV. And Syed Alwi, S. F..  (2015)   'Corporate Brand: Business to Business', in Melewar, TC.  and Syed Alwi, SF. (eds.) Corporate Branding: Arenas, Areas and Approaches.  UK Routledge pp. 112 - 129. Download publication 

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Muhamad, R. , Melewar, TC.  and Alwi, SFS.  (2011)   'Issues of market segmentation and buying behaviour in the Islamic financial services industry', in Sandikca, O.  and Rice, G. (eds.) Handbook of Islamic Marketing.  Edward Elgar Publishing 

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