Tracy Hall



ProfessorTracy Hall is the Head of Department and Professor in Software Engineering at Brunel University London. She currently leads the Brunel Software Engineering Research Lab. Previously she was Head of the Systems & Software Research Group at the University of Hertfordshire and Adjunct Professor of Industrial Systems in Simula at the University of Oslo. Professor Hall’s expertise is in Empirical Software Engineering research. Over the last 20 years she has conducted many empirical software engineering studies with a variety of industrial collaborators. Her current research activities focus on software fault prediction and the human aspects of software engineering. She has published over 100 international peer reviewed journal and conference papers and has been Principal Investigator on a variety of EPSRC projects. Professor Hall is a member of the Editorial Board for the Information Software Technology Journal and the Software Quality Journal. She is also a long standing member on many international conference programme committees. Professor Hall is a member of the EPSRC Peer College.

Research area(s)

ProfessorTracy Hall’s research is all under the general umbrella of software engineering. Her research interests centre on empirical studies, many in collaboration with companies. Professor Tracy Hall current work is based around research into code faults. In particular work on the prediction of fault-prone code. However her interest in human factors has also resulted in beginning to look at some of the human issues around the errors that developers make in code that result in particular types of faults. Professor Tracy Hall is also interested in the detection and analysis of bad smells in code.


Research project(s) and grant(s)

Professor Tracy Hall’s past funded research projects include: Using Program Slicing to Size Code Change (EP/F010206), Investigating code fault proneness using program slicing (EP/E063039), Understanding motivation in software engineering (EP/D057272/1) , Improving Software Quality (GR/L91962).
Professor Tracy Hall’s current funded research projects include: Using Fault Characterisitcs to Improve Software Fault Prediction (EP/L011751/1)

Research group(s)



Professor Tracy Hall currently teaches on the following modules at Brunel University London:

BSc Final Year Software Engineering (CS3003)

BSc Final Year Project Management (CS3100)

MSc Project Management (CS5515)

Research supervision

Dr Nathan Baddoo Motivating software engineers 2002 First supervisor

Dr Sarah Beecham CMM-based requirements engineering 2004 First supervisor

Dr Rizwan Ahmed A simulation process 2006 First supervisor

Dr Nilay Oza Software outsourcing in India 2006 First supervisor

Dr Nan Ma Negotiation of conflict in requirements 2009 First supervisor

Dr Min Zhang Code Bad Smells and Faults 2010 First supervisor

Dr Matt Gattral (pt) Refactoring software 2012 Second supervisor

Dr David Bowes Fault prediction 2013 Second supervisor

Eisha Hasnain Trust in agile methods current First supervisor

Tom Shippey Code clones and faults current Second supervisor

Bilyaminu Auwal Romo Defect inducing changes current Second supervisor

Ahmmad Youssef Evaluating open source systems current Second supervisor

Naiya Pannu Code bad smells current Second supervisor

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Hall, T. , Zhang, M. , Bowes, D.  and Sun, Y.   (2014)   'Some Code Smells Have a Significant but Small Effect on Faults'. ACM TRANSACTIONS ON SOFTWARE ENGINEERING AND METHODOLOGY, 23 (4).  pp. . doi: 10.1145/2629648 

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Bowes, D. , Randall, D.  and Hall, T.   (2013)   'The Inconsistent Measurement of Message Chains'. 2013 4TH INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON EMERGING TRENDS IN SOFTWARE METRICS (WETSOM). pp. 62 - 68. 

Hall, T. , Beecham, S. , Bowes, D. , Gray, D.  and Counsell, S.   (2012)   'A systematic literature review of fault prediction performance in software engineering'. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 38 (6).  pp. 1276 - 1304. doi: 10.1109/TSE.2011.103 Download publication 

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Book chapters

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Conference papers

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