Vishanth Weerakkody



Professor of Digital Governance and Director of Large Projects & Outreach

Vishanth Weerakkody is a Professor of Digital Governance and Director of the Business Life Programme. Prior to his academic career, Vishanth worked in a number of Multinational organisations, including IBM UK, in the area of software engineering, business systems design and process analysis. He is currently involved in several research projects which are funded by the European Commission and Qatar Foundation focusing on themes such as ICT enabled process transformation, social innovation and digital inclusion in the public sector. He has published over 100 peer reviewed articles, guest-edited special issues of leading journals and edited several books on these themes. Vishanth has many years of R&D experience in the field of digital governance and is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Electronic Government Research. A Chartered IT professional and a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy, he combines over 25 years of practical industry-based knowhow with academic and teaching experience. Vishanth is also an elected member of the University Senate and Disciplinary Committee

Research area(s)

  • Electronic government (E-Government)
  • Transformational Government (T-Government)
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Organisational change
  • Technology adoption and diffusion in the public sector




Innovation and Knowledge Management ; Organisational Behaviour and Analysis

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Weerakkody, V. , Irani, Z. , Kapoor, K. , Sivarajah, U.  and Dwivedi, Y.   (Accepted)   'Open Data and its Usability: An Empirical view from the Citizen’s Perspective'. Information Systems Frontiers: a journal of research and innovation, 19 (2).  doi: 10.1007/s10796-016-9679-1 Download publication 

Sivarajah, U. , Weerakkody, VJP. , Waller, P. , Lee, H. , et al.   (2016)   'The Role of e-Participation and Open Data in Evidence-Based Policy Decision Making in Local Government'. Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, 26 (1-2).  pp. 64 - 79. doi: 10.1080/10919392.2015.1125171 Download publication 

Dwivedi, YK. , Shareef, MA. , Simintiras, AC. , Lal, B.  and Weerakkody, V.   (2016)   'A generalised adoption model for services: A cross-country comparison of mobile health (m-health)'. Government Information Quarterly, 33 (1).  pp. 174 - 187. doi: 10.1016/j.giq.2015.06.003 

Kuah, ATH.  and Weerakkody, V.   (Accepted)   'Is cost transparency necessarily good for consumers? European Journal of Marketing'. European Journal of Marketing

Sivarajah, U. , Irani, Z.  and Weerakkody, V.   (2015)   'Evaluating the use and impact of Web 2.0 technologies in local government'. Government Information Quarterly. doi: 10.1016/j.giq.2015.06.004 Download publication 

Weerakkody, V. , Irani, Z. , Lee, H. , Osman, I.  and Hindi, N.   (2015)   'E-government implementation: A bird’s eye view of issues relating to costs, opportunities, benefits and risks'. Information Systems Frontiers, 17 (4).  pp. 889 - 915. doi: 10.1007/s10796-013-9472-3 

Rana, N. , Dwivedi, Y. , Williams, M.  and Weerakkody, V.   (2015)   'Investigating success of an e-government initiative: Validation of an integrated IS success model'. Information Systems Frontiers, 17 (1).  pp. 127 - 142. doi: 10.1007/s10796-014-9504-7 

lee, H. , Sivarajah, U. , Molnar, A. , weerakkody, V.  and irani, Z.   (2015)   'A User Satisfaction Study of London's Congestion Charge e-Service: A Citizen Perspective'. International Journal of Electronic Government Research (IJEGR), 11 (2).  doi: 10.4018/IJEGR.2015040103 

Irani, Z. , Weerakkody, V. , Molnar, A. , Lee, H. , et al.   (2014)   'A user satisfaction study of the NHS Online Prescription Prepayment Certificate'. HEALTH POLICY AND TECHNOLOGY, 3 (3).  pp. 176 - 184. doi: 10.1016/j.hlpt.2014.05.003 

Weerakkody, V. , Irani, Z. , Lee, H. , Hindi, N.  and Osman, I.   (2014)   'A review of the factors affecting user satisfaction in electronic government services'. International Journal of Electronic Government Research, 10 (4).  pp. 21 - 56. doi: 10.4018/ijegr.2014100102 

Osman, I. , Anouze, A. , Hindi, NM. , Irani, Z. , et al.   (2014)   'I-MEET Framework for the Evaluation E-Government Services From Engaging Stakeholders' Perspectives'. European Scientific Journal, 1 Download publication 

Weerakkody, VJP. , Rana, NP. , Dwivedi, YK.  and Piercy,, N.   (2014)   'Profiling Existing Research on Social Innovation in the Public Sector, Information Systems Management'. Information Systems Management

Weerakkody, VJP.   (2014)   'RFID integrated systems in libraries: extending TAM model for empirically examining the use'. Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 27 (6).  pp. 731 - 758. 

Rana, NP. , Weerakkody, V. , Dwivedi, YK.  and Piercy, NC.   (2014)   'Profiling Existing Research on Social Innovation in the Public Sector'. Information Systems Management, 31 (3).  pp. 259 - 273. doi: 10.1080/10580530.2014.923271 

Osman, IH. , Anouze, AL. , Irani, Z. , Lee, H. , et al.   (2014)   'COBRA framework to evaluate e-government services: A citizen-centric perspective'. Government Information Quarterly. doi: 10.1016/j.giq.2013.10.009 Download publication 

Sivarajah, U. , Lee, H. , Irani, Z.  and Weerakkody, V.   (2014)   'Fostering Smart Cities through ICT Driven Policy-Making: Expected Outcomes and Impacts of DAREED Project'. International Journal of Electronic Government Research (IJEGR), 10 (3).  doi: 10.4018/ijegr.2014070101 

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Tsohou, A. , Lee, H. , Al-Yafi, K. , Weerakkody, V. , et al.   (2012)   'Supporting public policy making processes with workflow technology: Lessons learned from cases in four european countries'. International Journal of Electronic Government Research, 8 (3).  pp. 63 - 77. doi: 10.4018/jegr.2012070104 

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Book chapters

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Conference papers

Omar, A. , Weerakkody, V.  and Millard, J.   (2016)   'Digital-enabled service transformation in public sector: Institutionalization as a product of interplay between actors and structures during organisational change' , the 9th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance. Montevideo, Uruguay. 1 - 3 March. doi: 10.1145/2910019.2910080 Download publication 

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