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Dr Wafi Al-Karaghouli

Dr Wafi Al-Karaghouli
Senior Lecturer


Wafi Al-Karaghouli BA, MPhil, PhD, Cert. TQM, Cert. PRINCE2, MBCS, MElite, MPROMS-G, MRESG, FINFORMS

I gained extensive experience with multinational companies with twelve years industrial experience – of which one was a Blue-chip – and more than twenty five years in Higher Education. Additionally, I am a qualified practitioner in Total Quality Management (TQM) and in Project Management Methodology PRINCE2. I joined Brunel Business School (BBS) in January 2008 and am the founder and chair of the Middle East and Sustainable Developments Focus (MESDF) Group, and co-founder of Operations and Supply Chain Systems (OASIS) research group. I am also a member of the Heathrow Sector Steering Group, BCS-Elite and BCS-Project Management Group. I continuously contribute and participate within the BCS national and international open debates. Prior to Brunel, I was a Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Methods and Information Technology in the University of Westminster, Westminster Business School (WBS), Marylebone Campus. I’ve taught a range of courses on the Undergraduate, Postgraduate, MBA and Professional ACCA degrees. The synergy between past industrial experience and academic interests enables me to attempt to 'bridge the gap' between theory and practice. Hence my research tends to take the form of participatory action research and has embraced topics such as information system failure in business, systems thinking, problem solving, organisational learning (OL), knowledge management (KM), operations management and project management. These topics have lead me to many different organisations in both the Government/Public and Private profit-making sectors. In particular, my research has been concerned with the effective development of information systems and methodologies and I have developed a framework ensuring the effective linking of business requirements and ITS specifications. I have published on the subject of information systems failure in the retail sector and contributed to the developments of the Wyatts Dealer Board System at Reuters in London, a Knowledge Management System at Merrill Lynch HSBC, Implementation and Use of Blackberry at Sage Publishing Company, and SITE a Training Programme for new recruits at CACI Limited in London. I have also contributed to the development of the Iris Recognition Immigration System (iris) and BAA’s fast-track check-in desks at Heathrow Airport. I am currently a reviewer and on the editorial board of a number of international journals, and have published in a number of leading journals and international conferences in the areas of knowledge management, and IS/IT. I have also chaired conference tracks.

Newest selected publications

Haffar, M., Al-Karaghouli, W. and Ghoneim, A. (2013) 'An analysis of the influence of organisational culture on TQM implementation in an era of global marketing: The case of Syrian manufacturing organisations'. International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management, 11 (1). pp. 96 - 115. ISSN: 1746-6474

Journal article

Al-Karaghouli, A., Al Azri, A. and Al Salti, Z. (2013) 'E-Government and EIS Change Management and Critical Success Factors: An Omani Success Story', in Albadri, FA. (ed.) Cases on Enterprise Information Systems and Implementation Stages: Learning from the Gulf Region. IGI Global.

Book chapter

Al-Karaghouli, W., Ghoneim, A., Sharif, A. and Dwivedi, Y. (2013) 'The Effect of Knowledge Management in Enhancing the Procurement Process in the UK Healthcare Supply Chain'. Journal of Information Systems Management, 30 (1). pp. 35 - 49. ISSN: 0739-9014

Journal article

Haffar, M., Al-Karaghouli, W. and Ghoneim, A. (2013) 'The mediating effect of individual readiness for change in the relationship between organisational culture and TQM implementation'. Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, 24 (5-6). pp. 693 - 706. ISSN: 1478-3363

Journal article

Dwivedi, YK., Venkitachalam, K., Sharif, AM., Al-Karaghouli, W. and Weerakkody, V. (2011) 'Research trends in knowledge management: Analyzing the past and predicting the future'. Information Systems Management, 28 (1). pp. 43 - 56. ISSN: 1058-0530

Journal article
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