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Dr Youngok Choi is a Lecturer, College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences, Brunel University London, and a design researcher specialising in Design Management and Design Policy. She joined Brunel in 2009.

Her research interests encompass the role of design in economic growth and improving the quality of people’s lives, and hence sustainable development. The strategic use of design underpins much of her research activities. She has developed a range of design research interests which include but are not limited to: Design Management; Design Policy; Innovation in new product development; Social Innovation; and Design Pedagogy. She has been involved in many design research projects, concerned principally with design policy at national, regional and organisational levels, the future of the UK design industry, social values of design and design strategy for businesses. She has collaborated with Samsung Electronics, Samsung Design Europe and LG Design Europe.

Youngok completed her PhD in Design Management from Lancaster University in 2009 and graduated MA course in Design Strategy and Innovation at Brunel University London in 2005. She earlier qualified in both Business Administration and Communication Design at tertiary institutions.


Research interests

Design Policy and Strategy, Design Management, Social Innovation, Innovation in NPD


Current Research

Measuring Social Values of Design in the Commercial Sector - an exploratory design research project conducted by Brunel University London and Cardiff Metropolitan University, funded by the AHRC, to understand the social values of design and explore contextual issues, value and the means of measuring the social impact of design.

•    Sponsors: AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council)
•    Value: £46k
•    Dates: 2014

Previous Research

Design Policy for Innovative manufacturing industry in the UK - aims to create an agenda for developing a UK national design policy for innovative manufacturing by understanding the UK manufacturing industry and investigating the role of design and design policy in innovative manufacturing. The project is a pilot study for a larger (externally funded: aimed at either EPSRC or ESRC’s Standard grants) study.
•    Sponsors: BRIEF (Brunel Research Initiative & Enterprise Fund)
•    Value: £13k
•    Dates: 2011 - 2013

Strategic model and future concepts for convergence and cross mobile IT - an industrial research aimed to develop a strategic design direction, platform strategy and new design concepts for the convergence of mobile computing products and other potential electronic devices. The project had four phases and the aims of those are to (i) explore the innovation territory and identify potential target markets, (ii) develop in-depth understanding of target audiences and identify key benefits of current convergence of products, (iii) develop design and platform strategies for the convergence and cross mobile computing IT products, and (iv) develop design concepts for the IT products.
•    Sponsors: Samsung Electronics
•    Value: £18k
•    Dates: 2011

Building emotional literacy in UK pre-schools - aimed to develop design guidelines to provide better pre-school environments for the effective promotion of emotional literacy in nursery children (aged 3 – 5) by creating learning activities tailored for the ‘design-process’ component of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.
•    Sponsors: Brunel RDF (Research Development Fund)
•    Value: £2k
•    Dates: 2011

Digital Home Appliance Innovation Research and Design Strategy Development – an industrial research aimed to create design strategies for home appliance innovations in the European market during the period 2012-2015. The project consisted of numerous user and trend research in order to identify opportunities for design and business. The outcomes included future scenarios, strategic design directions, new design concepts and potential new business models.
•    Sponsors: Samsung Design Europe
•    Value: £20k
•    Dates: 2010

Knowledge Transfer (in collaboration with DesignPlus)
London Design Management Week - Two five-day knowledge transfer workshops on Design Management, Policy and Strategy for South Korean major design consultancies, Korean institute of Design Promotion (KIDP) and government organisations.

•    Sponsors: KIDP
•    Dates: 2013 and 2014




Youngok is module leader for (i) Design Research, (ii) the Design & Innovation Research Project and (iii) the Design & Branding Research Project, all on the MA Design Strategy & Innovation and Design & Branding Strategy. She delivers lectures to MA students as co-tutor on the Innovation Strategy and Management, Strategic Design Management and Branding modules, and lectures on Innovation Management at Level 3 for BSc Product Design and BA Industrial Design & Technology students. She is also a Placement tutor.

She supervises postgraduate research projects in Design Management, including Design Policy and Branding, and currently supervises six PhD research projects:
•    R&D at OBM company and design agency cooperation across New Product Development stage (2014-)
•    Typology of Co-Design on product innovation and performance (2014 - ) 

•    Human-centred design toolkit for National Health Service in the UK (2013)
•    Strategic communication design for Seoul underground (2013 - ) 

•    Design Strategy for innovative manufacturing in the UK (2011 - )

•    Design-led future forecasting models for mobile communications (2010 - ) 


Professional societies / committees
•    Committee member of BSI (The British Standards Institution)
•    Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
•    Board member of I-DREAM (Inclusive Development Research Association for Mankind)
•    Member of DESIS (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability)
•    Member of HCDI (Human Centred Design Institute)
•    Editorial Board member of the Journal of Design Management
•    Reviewer of The Design Journal
•    Member of Korea Institute of Design Management

Invited Lectures
•    Social Values of Design, seminars for design students at SADI (Samsung Art and Design Institute) and UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science of Technology), South Korea (2015)
•    Designing a Good Society, keynote speaker in UCD 2014 (User-centred Design Conference) in London, 2014

•    Design Management week, organising and facilitating Design Management Workshops for Korean design agencies, requested by KIDP (Korea Institute for Design Promotion), Brunel University (2013 and 2014) 

•    Design Strategy and Innovation, guest lecture for Design Management master course, SungKyunGwan University, South Korea (2011) 

•    Design Strategy for Convergence and Cross Mobile IT experience, organising and facilitating two design research workshops, Brunel University (2011) 

•    Design Strategy for Future Design, organising and facilitating a design research workshop, LG Design Europe, London (2011)

•    Design Trend and User Experience, organising and facilitating a design research workshop, Brunel University (2010)

•    National Design Policy and Sustainability, research seminar for Korean Institute for Design Promotion (KIDP), South Korea (2009) 

•    Sustainable Design and Economic Growth, seminar for Korean Ministry for Knowledge and Economy (MKE), South Korea (2009) 



Selected Publications

Journal articles

Lam, B.  and Choi, Y.   (2013)   'Comparing learning styles of western and eastern students in postgraduate design management programmes'. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education, 41 (4).  

Lam, B.   (2012)   'Co-designing multicultural teaching and learning approach for design management programme'. Journal of Design Management, 3 (1).  pp. 8 - 15. 

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Conference papers

Hamid, J.  and Choi, Y.   (2011)   'Co-creation between organisations and consumers' , Participatory Innovation Conference (PINC 2011). Sonderborg, Denmark. 13 - 15 Janruary. [unpublished].  

Kim, J.  and Choi, Y.   (2010)   'A design-led strategic model for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in middle schools in South Korea' , DesignEd Asia Conference 2010. Honkong, China. 30 - 1 December. [unpublished].  

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Choi, Y. , Hands, D. , Cooper, R.  and Boult, J.   (2006)   'An investigation into current models of inter-disciplinary communication, with special attention focusing on the design and management functions' , 1st International Design Management Symposium - D2B Shanghai 2006. Shanghai, China. 17 - 19 March. [unpublished].  

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Choi, Y. , Holland, R.  and Boult, J.   (2005)   'An investigation into current thinking and models of inter-disciplinary communication between designers and general managers' , International Workshop on Exploring Complexity in Collaborative Design and Solutions. London, UK. 23 - 24 June. [unpublished].  


Lee, J. , Choi, Y. , Kim, H.  and Hue, M.   (2006)  Developing portfolios for national design policy in South Korea.  Commissioning body: KIDP, Korea 

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