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High temperature pipe structural health monitoring system utilising phased array probes on TOFD configuration

Uncertainties in the calculation of the lifetime of superheated steam pipes in power plants that contain a minor defect create situations with potentially catastrophic results, typically costing 120 million euros per event. Superheated steam pipes are periodically inspected and depending on their defects sizes may be replaced after a lifetime assessment has been performed. Common errors in defect sizing create dangerous situations as size underestimation will result in a pipe prone to failure.



The final goal of the HotPhasedArray project is the development of a structural health monitoring system for superheated steam pipes.


The HotPhasedArray project will create significant impact and economic value for the consortium SMEs through the development of an innovative technology for structural health monitoring of pipes in nuclear power plants. Nuclear power plants are an important source of electrical energy with more than 440 nuclear power plants all over the world producing 2.5 billion megawatts and representing 18 per cent of the world’s electricity.




Project Partners

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 605267.

7 framework

For more information, please visit the HotPhasedArray website.