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Ultrasonic nuclear inspection

The goal is to achieve non-destructive inspection of nuclear power generation and reprocessing plant pipework carrying emergency water and other crucial ancillary functions such as fuel supply to emergency back-up generators, along pipes that pass through concrete sections, are buried underground and/or clad in protective coatings such as FBE, plastic or bitumen.

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The innovative solution is to use guided waves, which can propagate through embedding and cladding materials, in both periodic inspection and continuous structural health monitoring modes.




Nuclear cooling plant pipe failure probabilities will be reduced resulting in fewer global incidents of radiation releases which affect the health of both onsite personnel and those living around the plant. Also, continuous pipe integrity monitoring will enhance public confidence in nuclear energy and ease the minds of objectors.


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This project was co-funded by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK.                                    InnovateUK