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Research students are welcomed to Brunel as valued members of our thriving, research-intensive community. A research degree provides the opportunity to investigate a topic in depth, and contribute new knowledge to your discipline. Find out more about Research Degrees in Brunel.

We are particularly interested in supervising students' research in the following areas:

  • Dynamic response of materials and structures (modelling, experimental characterisation and design/optimisation for composites and metals)
  • Structural health monitoring based on ultrasound wave propagation and acoustic emissions in solids (modelling, experimental validation, signal processing and sensors)
  • Steel, concrete and hybrid structures (material design, manufacturing, modelling and experimental characterisation);
  • Fatigue and fracture (modelling, experimental characterisation)
  • Extreme loading (e.g. fire, earthquake, blast and progressive collapse)
  • Fluid structure interaction (unboned flexible risers)
  • Manufacturing (e.g. sheet metal forming, bulk forming, casting, extrusion, 3D printing).


Proposed PhD projects

  • Development of new energy based NDE techniques for structures
  • New inverse analysis techniques for NDE using multiple sensors
  • Development of multiple sensor technology
  • Development of signal processing techniques
  • Anisotropic material modelling: Development of physically based constitutive model for the large deformation response and failure of target materials
  • Treatment of uncertainty including errors: Development of a methodology based on regression for characterising the variation in properties such as material properties and propagating this through to the consequent variation in the final structure
  • Hybrid spatial discretisation techniques based on coupling of FE and meshless techniques. This (combined with 1,2&3) will enable modelling of challenging problems characterised by failure/damage front, phase change or shock wave propagation
  • Material characterisation: how to practically determine material properties including variation for anisotropic materials – potential of using elastic wave propagation as one tool


To discuss the above potential PhD projects please contact Prof Rade Vignjevic

Choosing your supervisor

Our researchers create knowledge and advance understanding, and equip versatile graduates with the confidence to apply what they have learnt for the benefit of society. Browse the list of the members of our Theme to select your potential supervisor here. You are welcome to approach your potential supervisor directly to discuss your research interests. All research degrees are administered by the Postgraduate Programmes Office in Colleges. Once you have identified your area of research and a potential supervisor, please use the contact details provided here for enquiries. 

Funding for doctoral studies

A number of studentships and other research funding opportunities are available at Brunel. Please see full list here: Research degree funding.